Big bikes on Highways

Hi Guys… i thought it would be nice to give a disappointing update for those of you that like me are still waiting on the dream of riding on the highways of Taiwan…

this is a bit old but maybe not everyone knows about it:

“When the electronic toll collection (ETC) system began operating late last year it did not even consider motorbikers’ right of way, Chen said, adding that if a system amendment would cost billions, it would become even harder to get permission for heavy duty motorcycles to be used on freeways.” By Huang Li-hsiang / Staff reporter

“FETC spokesperson Rachel Chen (陳世莉) said heavy duty motorcycles were considered when the company tried out its toll-collection gantries, but because the bikes have no license plate in front, rear-view devices costing about NT$1.3 billion would have to be added to the system — and would have to be paid for by the government, because they were not part of the initial contract.” By Huang Li-hsiang / Staff reporter

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