Big Brother UK Alex gets 4 spray tans in a day...haha

They had to say yes to everything BB asked them that day, otherwise they wouldn’t get a good budget to buy groceries.

Is it wrong that I think she looks good?

IS that REALLY the “funniest moment?” Jesus fucking CHRIST! :noway:

So you too have a Snookie! :laughing:

So you too have a Snookie! :laughing:[/quote]
Dude! A pudgy airhead gets the complete piss taken out of her for the entertainment of a few thousand equally airheaded TV-viewing public and this is what they call “entertainment” in the UK? Well, no, seeing as how hardly anybody watches it any more. But still. How can this be regarded as anything other than absolutely retarded? Its cheaper than hiring actors and making actual shows, I suppose. I’m just glad I don’t pay for a TV licence. Whey HEY! Ay-oop lads! The Toon’s on the TV! All part of the great plan to make TV accessible to the masses I suppose. God in heaven! And people mock the Taiwanese game shows for being lowbrow shite for the great unwashed? Take a fucking LOOK at your own people, people!

I love Big Brother:D Alex almost won too :slight_smile: