Big Bytes Language School - Taipei City

Just looking for some information regarding this school. Anybody out there have any experiences or worked there previously?

I interviewed there once. I got a bad feeling. Taht’s all I remember.

Are you applying for the preschool or elementary division?

Possibly running a training session there in the future, so was looking to get a bit of background… Specifically, about the environment so I can better meet the teacher’s needs.

Do you work there? If so, please PM.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I had some private students who went there through kindergarten till around 8 years old. The parents thought it was great and the students and parents both kept in touch for some activities that the school put on. I have heard that teachers (Local and foreign) stay there for quite a while.

I have a feeling that it’s not a bad school, but they have many extra- curricular activities that you may be forced to attend.

The above is mostly rumor an speculation.

We don’t work with this school, but we have heard from our teachers who had worked there that it is a good place to work.