I have a sling box (televsion on your computer), so now I need a big LCD 26" or bigger preferalbly 32" that can be used as my computer monitor.

Does anybody know where I can get a used or cheaper one. I know you can get them for 30,000nt at 3C and other shops.


Hey Clay,

I’m actually hoping to put a 32" on my site by the end of May. Don’t know if you can wait that long but the price should be around 28k.

If you don’t have one by then let me know. Also, how is that Slingbox working? Where’d ya get it? What channels you got? (sorry for all the Q’s)

Don’t want to wait till then, but if so I will check yours out.

I got the sling box in Canada and its great. I get the regular Toronto channels.

I bought this one and have been happy with it. I have no idea whether it is available in Taiwan.

Hey Clay have you done any output to TV yet? I have tested it once and the resolution is so low with the Slingbox that it seems should only be used with your PC in some small window. Gets all FUBAR on a bigger TV no? Itsn’t TV resolution low too? However, Slingbox resolution is even lower. It has to be to be able to send over the internet in realtime. Let me know if it works please.