Big, mean, black mosquitoes

As per title. Does anyone know how to get rid of them? :fume:

These King-sized pests are making my morning and evening walks a nightmare, and last night I found two at home. Their bite is like being poked with a burning needle, and leaves a burning bump, which, gratefully, dissappears quickly. They seem oblivious to my organic mosquito repelents, even DEET ones.

completely cover yourself in your choice of full length wetsuit, NBC suit, or cling film before setting out.

walk only inside a sealed room equipped with a treadmill, and a large video screen playing a loop of your normal route.

strap some very high powered fans to your extremities, and set them on full to blow any such insects away from your skin.

walk next to much more mosquito-attractive people, who smell more, wear less, and have much softer skin.

Walk at midday, avoiding damp, dark forests.

Always the easy option, hey, DB?

:hand: :beatnik:

One HARD-option alternative is to run .

Yes, don’t walk; run.

A fan or mosquito net will keep them off of you while you sleep.

Gee, thanks guys. But doggie likes his walks at that set time, outside, plus I am the most atractive person for mosquitoes -people won’t get bitten if I’m around-, and even covered from head to toes, the friggin’ things go for my hands and face.

Is there anything you can eat that will put them off? You know, like garlic or something?

Hmmm… maybe not, but this may be worth reading. Even the colour of your clothes can have an effect (apparently). … 50503a.htm