BIG moving box/cardboard box

Hi everyone,

I’ve been through all the topic about moving boxes but can’t find what I’m looking for…

I am allowed to send a BIG cardboard box abroad and the size is:

They don’t have such big boxes at the post office and I couldn’t find on Shopee…

I know you might suggest me to check IKEA, Cotsco or Carrefour…

But I was looking for “brand new” boxes never used. I wanna be sure it will stay in one piece during the transport.

If you’ve seen any shops doing such big boxes let me know!

Have you checked DHL?

But otherwise, if it’s too heavy, even a new box will fall apart. That’s why I tape the shit outta my boxes.

I tape every open corner where cardboard meets cardboard.

Yes yes that’s what I plan to do, even protect it with tons of food plastic wrap.

That might not be that heavy, but just looking for big boxes :confused:

I think the post has 40x32x35cm which isn’t that big honeslty

Dhl is : 54x44x40 so a tiny bit bigger

Thats pretty big.

They have stock size of 60 x 40 x 50 for 68nt. Its a 5 ply box.

They will make a box to your size. They can even make one. Let me ask them what 100 x 50 x 50 cost.


I am going to add, no one has a box this big. I don’t think box this size will stay in one piece during transport. You really need wooden crates at this size, as paper carton gets iffy at this size especially for fragile items. What do you want to send?

I had a laser tube sent to me that was in a giant box, like 150 x 30 x 50. Box was badly beat up but thankfully laser tube survived.

Well I’m just looking at bigger boxes than the post office or dhl have.

Because 40x32x35cm is way too small, you can’t put much in there. And it cost the same price as bigger boxes

They have bigger boxes on Ruten. But even then common size is up to 70 x 50 x 40.

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Already better :slight_smile:

Already better

Do you suggest any?

There is this

But this guy is a Taobao shill. It means you place an order and wait 2 weeks to get it. Basically they buy it from taobao and charge a 100% premium for it.

You can tell because they have over 300k listings. No way a human can do this, most likely done with bots.

Ruten is so filled with such shills that I almost don’t want to buy from Ruten anymore. And they are frustrating to deal with.


Cost is 480nt plus shipping.

I imagine unit price gets better if you ask for more than one.

I’ll check the 60x40x50 from your first link I think

Unfortunately they are south of Taiwan right