Big Surprise Who Is Last

Taiwan would without doubt In the first few of that list . I dropped my wallet whilst getting into a taxi one evening . I was flying overseas the next day . After getting ready to leave Taichung to go TPE, realized I had no wallet :face_with_head_bandage:called police and it had been handed in . Collected at police station … bizarrely, the taxi driver had taken 1000 ntd for his trouble ( police thought that was normal ) but I was more than happy with that and I managed to catch my flight with seconds to spare … 30 seconds later and no flying . One of the best parts of living here is that honesty . :slightly_smiling_face: oh … and the taxi driver from the hsr to airport rising to the 500 ntd tip challenge if he got there in time :yum: perhaps the new Social Credit system in China will result in more wallet recoveries ? .Big brother is watching


You could leave a bag of 10000 yen bills on a train there and no one would touch it

“Cant we just be fair to all people”

20 min later

“Chinese people are so horrible!!! Anti democratic sub humans!! Real Taiwanese know we should eradicate them asap!” Anyone that disagrees is a commie! Well show them what real freedom is! Tap their phone!!"
(Cue hair, Flying v guitar solo)

Not sure why the prevalence for honesty in having wallets returned in Taiwan would imply hatred of Chinese people ? On this thread ? There are many things I don’t like about China , but I have no experience of losing my wallet there , so I can’t comment about it . As mentioned , I do think the Social credit system will perhaps lessen petty crimes there . The threat of a missile landing on me worries me more :slightly_smiling_face:especially if Bernie or someone is in charge :wink:Trolling back at you :stuck_out_tongue:


Kiwiland suspiciously high on that list. I had a wallet taken from beside me whislt passed out drunk in a park once. So I’m not buying that data. I have empirical proof the survey scope is too limited.

@the_bear do you have any “ empirical “ forecasting for the forthcoming cricket match ? :blush:For 5 million peeps them Kiwis done gooood

I’ve returned a wallet and had mine returned to me before here in Taipei. It’s nice!

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I returned a purse once … bit of paperwork to do … strange question I was asked is if I wanted a reward ? What the hell ? Maybe I misunderstood, I have been known to .A friend also mentioned that it was half expected to reward the finder if they hand in a phone etc in Taiwan …

When I returned the wallet I found to a police station I had to fill out paperwork for them, too. Nothing about a reward. But just a wallet probably isn’t quite the same as the entire purse.

No. Nerves are building so fast.

In the spirit of the old gentleman, I wish you good luck :slightly_smiling_face: a strange weekend indeed … Wimbledon Final , British Grand Prix, Cricket World Cup Final … strewth :thinking:

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That was code for “Have you taken all the cash and Easy Cards out for personal use?”

I got my wallet in the mail sans cash and every credit card with Easy Card function. Everything else was untouched.

I’m perfectly fine with that though. Money and credit cards are the easiest things to replace and a finder’s is deserved.

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What’s happening in Mexico?
People are returning more with money than without it?

Other way around, isn’t it? It looks like Mexicans are the most likely to take all the cash out and hand in an empty wallet to the police. To be fair, they probably only do this because they know the police will empty it if they don’t.

I recall some research wherein people are more likely to return a wallet with money in it than one without, which seems odd. It would be a bit of an uneccessary risk to empty a wallet of money and then return it to a police station, but it could be what’s happening. I suppose very few people carry wallets without cash in them, so, yeah, they must be getting emptied before being returned.

The hassle of losing a wallet is the cards, of course. Missing cash is not a big issue.

The wife lost a wallet and phone on a bus a while back. All cash was taken , the phone disappeared… The wallet was returned though within an hour or so.
Years ago same thing with my phone left on a bus, never returned.
They are good with giving the IDs back here but other stuff is patchy.
Somebody has a mountain of my umbrellas stacked away. :joy:
I actually caught somebody trying to rob my umbrellas more than once. That was funny !

My mom lost her wallet when she visited Taipei a few years back. She called me while I was at work freaking out. She had taken a taxi from my apartment to a laundromat down the hill and left the wallet in the cab. I told her not to freak out and that I’m sure we would get her wallet back. I told her I’d meet her in about an hour when I was on my lunch break.

About a half hour after she called me back and said she had already gotten her wallet back. A lady at the laundromat saw her crying and drove her to the police station. She explained to the police and they asked for my address (because it was where she had gotten the cab). They called the security for my building and got the cab number, then called the cab. The cab driver drove back and gave my mom her wallet with everything in it. My mom tried to give him money, but he would only take the cost of a cab ride from where he had gotten the call.

Gotta love Taiwan.

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I find a yo-yo card about once every 2 months. All my colleagues are like, you should hand it in. But I just use up the credit in them and then toss them. Does that make me a bad bear?

Yes, it does.
You could’ve returned it, so they could recicle it. Think on the future of our kids!

Not to mention you’d get the initial deposit back :howyoudoin:

did it not match your skirt?
did the women’s department give a full refund?