Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand

Anyone watching this show?

Bravo UK puts it out (downloads available on mininova), follows around a bunch of Farang Tourist Police and Pom tourists who get themselves in trouble in Pattaya, Phuket, Samui and Haadrin.

Decent entertainment value, though after watching one episode you’d think Thailand was the biggest tourist minefield on Earth. Those of us who have been there before will be amused, and I am sure the Brits will be extra proud.

yup I have been watching it…it’s up to ep4 now…pretty interesting…that marine jojo confrontation got pretty big, UK marines were talking about some revenge, Thail officials asked the show to be shut down, it got pretty big and it’s pretty entertaining, good show

Is it the same couple of Pom tourists that keep getting themselves in trouble wherever they go in Thailand?

I think I might know who they are.

Note: I haven’t seen the show.