BigDave’s weight loss progress

I am gonna lose some weight, starting today. After I finish my malteasers obviously.

I am an all or nothing kind of person, so eating 500 calories a day under maintenance doesn’t suit me. Fasting suits me. I’ve done it before. Just 48 to 60 hours. What I want to do is string 48 hour fasts together back to back. That I can do. The hard part will be just eating Keto when I break the fast. That is the part I struggled with previously. I love me some bread and potatoes.

So back to back fasts of at least 48 hours and a keto refeed.

I’ll introduce exercise once I’ve adapted to the diet. Probably next week.

If I try to exercise and cut carbs before I am adapted, I’ll be a moody mofo.

Starting stats to come later. I’m guessing 105 kg.

Posting here in case anybody wants to join me. Or fat shame me? Both ok.


Good for you. Wishing you all success.


Best of luck. I went from 215lbs to 185 by counting calories. I found a webpage that broke it down according to your current age and weight as to how many calories you need to lose or gain. Lose quickly or lose slowly. The 711 et al prints the calorie count on the packaging. It worked for me. I ate well and lost weight in a safe manner.

Beside counting calories you can fall in love with the wrong woman and lose a ton of weight quickly. The song comes to mind “I fooled around and fell in love”.


I suggest some yoga and meditation as well.


105.4 kg. My goal is gonna be to get below 83 kg. That will be 50 lbs. That is also the weight I was when I came to Taiwan!


Alright I will fat shame you

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Do you have a timeframe in mind, or is it just the sooner the better?

How long have you been in Taiwan though?

I want to join!
I need to lose abt 30lbs… From 173 right now.

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more than 10 years, but less than 15, i have been up to 105 kg and back down to 90 a few times.

As i said, all or nothing kind of personality.

Edit. replied to the wrong post.

I will go down to 90 fast. 2 kg a week at least. When i get to 90 is when it will slow down and i will lose focus because at that point, ill look ok and feel good.

Well, this is why I would strongly suggest yoga and mediation. You’re simply repeating your all or nothing pattern. I’m down about ten pounds in the last three months due primarily to yoga’s impact on my mindset, and the meditation is just a centering bourbon chaser.

I put up some videos in the YOGA thread. Hope you check it out and good luck.


Do it. Push me to post my weight daily and i will hold you accountable. Deal?

similar body, different sense of humor.

“LittleDave” doesn’t have quite the same gravitas, though, does it?

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I will check them out. Thank you!! Somewhat related, I tried Wim Hof breathing in the past and got some benefits.

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That is the great thing. This name is suitable whether I am massive or tiny. Think Little John!!

Deal! I’m also all or nothing kind of guy. I make big plans… often fails… lol.
But I did it before… once!

I’m doing this with my wife! She’s in charge of food. her plan for food is 1 high carb day, 4 medium carb day and 2 low carb day. 2 meals per day.

I’m in charge of exercise. Here’s my plan:
3 times a week 30min-1hour exercise… youtube tabata or hiit. add walk/jog/run around the neighborhood.
push ups/sit ups on the remaining 4 other days. goal is 100 push up in 20 increment. and maybe 1 min plank times 5.


How much have you lost so far?

who? me?
We both start today. @jdsmith lost 10 lbs in 3 months doing YOGA.

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ok, nice! High and low carb days. Some people love it, but i know that for me, the two high carb days would set me off. Those two days would turn into two weeks. Are you going to track your calories and macros?