BigDave’s weight loss progress

I discovered sit-ups during forced holiday. Dinqdu is going down fast. Stop kidding yourself about it being ok to be fat. The girls might call you handsome but, they’re just being nice.

I don’t think she is counting… i’m not sure how it works. care to explain?
I am just going eat whatever she’s cooking.

They don’t call me handsome anymore. That is the problem!

Well not just yoga. But yeah. Slow and steady.

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Well since you are having high, medium and low carb days, you need to track how many carbs you are eating. Sometimes, things which you assume are low carb, aren’t. My fitnesspal is what i used in a past life.

I will be tracking. Since I am going low carb/keto. I will be aiming for 50g of carb per refeed. Might be 100g for the first couple of refeeds. High fat and medium protein. I will record my calories but i don’t have a number that I have to hit. Eat until I am full.

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Keto was hard af… how long of keto are you planning to do? after the 48 hours fast?
share your meals daily please.

I will share. For this part, I am not the best person to follow though. I can eat the same thing for weeks on end and still enjoy it. I have an idea of what I will eat. It might not be others cup of tea. I will post it on Saturday though. No food for me tomorrow.

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Hey! I am by no means an expert, but I really recommend not fasting for too long, as it can eventually stress your body into a survival state where it will store fat very (read:too) efficiently and sabotage your goal.

You need to try to retain muscle while losing fat, or it will eventually translate into really loose skin once you get results that could def be avoidable. Losing ~1kg a week is a very realistic goal, not dangerous, and will ensure you dont lose a lot of muscle in the process of shredding fat!

If you do not already, I strongly advocate some offensive (as in offense) weight loss tools, such as trying to get at least 8k-10k steps in a day and always taking the stairs (say, at MRT stations) if you have the option! Increasing activity like this can really help take stress off of trying to perfectly diet.

Best of luck on your journey, you can definitely do it bro👍

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I am happy that your wife is onboard. My wife eats like a horse but stays 115lbs. She isn’t a carb addict like me though.


Just eat less

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I researched this a lot in the past. I don’t need to worry about the negative side affects of fasting at this point. Even if i lose 50lbs, I will still be classed as overweight. Fasting is muscle sparing anyway. As you get leaner, you can’t/shouldn’t fast as much and as long. At my weight, i could,(but wont) do a few weeks without side effects. I am going to do 48 to 60 hours and then eat. Then do 48 to 60 again. That is the plan.

wait a minute! Is that true? Surely it can’t be as easy as that? I will try and get back to you. ha ha

That would be a great fat loss book. Page 1…Just eat less. Page 2…The End.

Saying just eat less is like saying just don’t look when there is a topless woman in a movie. IMPOSSIBLE!

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This is a great soundtrack for my exercise routine! Thanks~~!

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He was famous in the 80s and 90s , would not get away with his comedy these days. It is a catchy tune. I actually wish " Big Dave" the best of luck. Ease up on the pies and more salad :joy:

Funny thing about the fasting, cutting out this and that…I’ve done none of it. If you telescope focus on calories or this fad or that one, every time you transgress your “plan” you kind of chip away at your discipline, confidence and belief that you can accomplish your goals.

Seneca works for me:
Eat when you’re hungry; sleep when you’re tired.

Which leads me to philosophy. Get one if you don’t already have one. “I wanna be thinner” won’t cut it. Try the Stoics.

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This is true. Easy to fall into the trap of saying “fuck it” and stuffing your face and saying you will start again tomorrow because you didn’t stick to the plan in some small way.

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Good for you. Thing that has worked for me is calorie cycling (not carb cycling). Eat at deficit for 3-4 days, and then eat slightly above maintenance and repeat. If you want to keep some muscle, weightlifting will do wonders. I lost 15 kg two years ago and have kept it off since. I look a lot younger than my age now, and a woman in the neighborhood keeps trying to introduce me to her unmarried daughter lol. I told my wife, and she thinks the woman must be suffering from dementia.

Haha. My wife wants me to keep my chubby face but lose the belly and moobs.

I tried telling her that is impossible.

She just told me to figure it out.

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So you can’t eat less but your plan is to not eat for 60 hours lol

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I can eat less of course. I feel like crap doing it though.

Eating something but eating in a deficit is worse than not eating at all in my opinion. Especially if you eat carbs. When insulin gets spiked, you become even hungrier. Hormones play a big part in how hungry you feel. It isn’t the case that you feel hungrier the less you eat. Hunger comes in waves. You don’t just get hungrier and hungrier the longer you don’t eat.

There are many people that feel hungrier after eating a little than before they eat anything.

Eat 500 calories a day under maintenance for a week. 3500 calorie deficit on the week and you feel like shit every day.

Fasting for three days a week will create an 8000 odd calorie deficit just on those days. And you can eat to satiety on the other days.

I find that easier. Everyone is different.

I don’t want to argue too much about fasting vs non fasting. In my opinion and for me, fasting works well and it is safe for losing weight as long as you have some to lose.

My plan is to up the exercise as the weight comes off and as I return to a more standard eating pattern. That is the part I have struggled with in the past.

I will record my progress and you guys can decide if it is something you want to try.

Zapman, thanks for the feedback. Direct and to the point.

Since you obviously don’t need to lose weight, do you have any other fitness goals?

You could post a pic to give me inspiration.