BigDave’s weight loss progress

If “fasting works well” why are you trying to lose weight? Presumably weight loss from fasting only works well temporarily.

@finley is the expert on fatties losing weight effortlessly. IMO stoicism is the way to do it. Perhaps a combination of the two is best.

Anyway, good luck. Not eating has a 100 percent success rate.


Fasting works well to lose weight, but if you go back to stuffing your face then…
Isn’t that the same for people who slowly cut calories. Just because many put it back on, that doesn’t mean you can blame the way they lost it.

Thanks for your good luck.

I think that the proof will be in the pudding. In three months, I will have lost the weight or I wont have.


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You’ve gone public, in an online fashion, so now you have no choice but to succeed.

With a three month target I’d go with a steak, eggs, and vegetables only diet.

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Completed 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 5x 1 min plank.
You can do this @BigDave!
Weight tonight: 174lb… lol 1 lb increase.


Why not just go with a “Tomorrow” target? :idunno:

That is my plan. Meat and veggies. With some eggs and cheese thrown in. I’ll be adding fiber to my water and keeping the fats high to keep me…regular too.


Great. Well done. Keep it up.

day 0 weight 105.4
day 1 weight 103.6

1.8 kg down. 24 hours fasted. I know most of this is water weight before the vultures circle.

See you in another 24 hours.


There’s a YOGA thread and you are into YOGA?
I learned meself something new today.

Even less physical forms of yoga like restorative yoga seem to promote weight loss too.

Mmm yogurt.

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day 0 = 173lb
day 1 = 174lb
day 2 = 172lb yay~

I did tabata and went kick scootering with kids. low carb today = steak!


Nice one. I’ll update my weight in a couple of hours. No beer for me.

Be like Ronaldo. Just drink water.


Well done!

day 0 105.4kg daily Total
day 1 103.6kg -1.8kg -1.8kg
day 2 102.8kg. -0.8kg -2.6kg

Another day of not eating. Just black coffee and salt water.
I will eat tomorrow. And then I do another 48 to 60 hour fast.

I am classified as obese. I knew that. BMI 32.

However that doesn’t tell the whole story. I measured my waist today. Scary. 117 cm.

That means my waist to height ratio is 0.65. That is seriously bad and probably a truer reflection of my health risk. Weight around the midsection is definitely more dangerous.

See ya tomorrow!


Inspiring stuff!

I would take bmi with a grain of salt. I need to get down to 83 kilos to have a normal bmi. But I don’t look healthy at that weight. Sunken in cheeks, for example. I look and feel healthiest at around 86 kilos. I’m 88-89 kilos now.

Anyway, great work!

What are your workout plans in all this?

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A little off topic, but Marasan, are you familiar with, or have you used MAF?

I just started a week ago. So far I think it’s going to be a game-changer. I do feel kinda silly shuffling along at a stupid-slow pace, but I fit right in with all the old folks “running” on the sidewalk around the track (since the track is closed) at 0500.


Cool. I’ll read it more carefully later. Headed out for my second workout (with kids and wife so not real workouts!)

Yes, BMI has its limitations. For someone like me who is getting off the couch, it is a useful data point.

Even when I was in reasonable shape at uni, I was classified as overweight.

Exercise wise…I am going to concentrate on LISS on fasting days. Walking and maybe some slow cycling. Fasting and doing high intensity training together is a quick way to run yourself in the ground and destroy your metabolism.

On eating days, I will slowly (very slowly) add some strength training. Firstly, to hang onto whatever muscle I have. Secondly, to get ready for stage two. stage two…strength/muscle building.