"Biggest Grow Op in Taiwan History"

Sorry, can’t blame foreigners this time and tell them, “go back to your home country if you want to smoke weed.” They even link to an article about another large operation…also not foreigners.

“the total amount of product was enough to poison hundreds of thousands of people, they said.” - Coast Guard investigators, police, and prosecutors

A spokesperson for Taitung District Prosecutor’s Office said “fortunately it was investigated and stopped in time to prevent the poisoning of fellow countrymen.”


Only reason that stuff is poison is because it’s low-grade ditch weed.


That use of poison is a deliberate mistranslation.

It’s usually old guys growing it in the mountains it seems.

Cash crop!


Finally some hope for my old age.


Exit plan…Literally or figuratively .

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This is one thing I don’t like about Taiwan: too many snitches.


“A man in a suit points to a marijuana plant, while another suited-man looks on nervously”

Great captioning creativity there.


Let us make Mr Zhang, 60, and Mr Chen, 68, honorary Canadians. :smile:



You beat me to it. “Looks on nervously” - as though the plant could poison him at any moment with its toxic fumes?

This is what should deter any budding grow-operator in Taiwan. There’s always somebody, somewhere, watching you.


Snitches get…um…their fucking heads cut off

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May have to off a good segment of the population. It’s like the Stasi.

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snitching is a deep part of the culture here

God I can’t believe these dudes are 60+. This whole story is bananas.

The translation said “it was enough for everyone in Taitung to have a smoke” well that would be one helluva a chill out !

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Sad but true. It just doesn’t have the stigma here that it does in the West.

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I don’t get it. Why even risk it with weed when apparently you can just pop by the doctor’s office and (perfectly legally) get your hands on some benzos?

Two guys got busted last year in Kaohsiung. They owned a cigar bar and were growing weed upstairs. Also were 61 and 62 years old. And…not foreigners.

Grower or user ?
Grower because it is very lucrative and a lot of these guys are in debt or on the run with limited options

The other example from Nantou ,the guy was 59.

I never would’ve guessed that so many of Taiwan’s abeis are secretly weed lords.

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