Bike bag or case for air travel

I’ve become rather attached to my Giant OCR and plan on carting it on a few trips with me this coming year. Instead of dealing with a cardboard bike box every time, I’d like to invest in a proper carrying case. Anyone know where I could find one of these in Taipei?


SciCon from USA?

How quickly do you need it? What exactly are you looking for?

My uncle used to be a serious wheelchair racing enthusiast: just missed a spot on the Olympic squad, but had all sorts of trouble transporting his finely tuned racing chair with the airlines. Hardshell cases were nearly impossible for him to manhandle, and softer bags weren’t up to the task; both cost a ridiculous amount. Mom solved the problem for him by sewing an easy to use carrying sack out of essentially bulletproof material. Everyone on the circuit was impressed, and my mom and uncle now run a small business out of the house, supplying wheelchair racers with transport bags for the chairs. They’re pretty popular and well-regarded. Also made a few other sport bags, as well as rifle bags for a cousin, uncle, and their hunting buddies. What you’re looking for ought to be no problem at all, and Mom regularly ships packages over here for the grandchild.

Let me know if you’re interested.