Bike Carry Bags

I am looking to purchase a bag to carry my bike and have some kind of protection when storing it under buses or on trains etc.

No idea what options I have, does anyone have recommendations from experience whats good/bad, what to look out for?

I am wondering when the bike is not in the bag, are there bags that roll up or something that i can carry on my back while im riding the bike?

I’m thinking a bike bag would be a good investment for longer bike rides. Anybody have a recommendation on buying one that is light and still satisfies the rules for buses and trains? I’m thinking about stopping by Decathlon sometime, but I’d love to hear any advice from those who’ve used a bike bag before.

If you’re talking about the Decathlon in Neihu, don’t bother. They have little if no selection on bike bags. Best bet would be going to a store and asking about them. They probably don’t keep any in the showroom, but they definitely have them in stock.

Here’s the thread for a guy that just completed his east coast trip, try asking around in there about bags.

I bought mine from a Giant shop. They had 2; one was around $900, the other $1800. The cheaper one is lighter and smaller, but the more expensive one looked more durable and to offer better protection. Both could be rolled up into a bag.

  1. Can you measure it and tell us its dimensions?
  2. If Giants netcatalogue shows its picture, can you make a link to it?
  3. Thank you

Laid out on the floor it’s about 120cm by 90cm. My road bike fits in with both wheels removed, the handlebar clamp loosened so I can twist them down, and the saddle lowered (although last time on the train, I noticed most people leave their saddles sticking out the top). It also has little protective covers for chain wheel, derailleur, fork bottoms, and cassette. It rolls into a bag 30cm long x 19cm diameter.
I was in Neihu today, and noticed the Merida store in Ruigang Rd. has quite a selection. Worth looking there if you’re in Taipei.

Merida store has a lot if selection on almost anything you would need compared to most Giant stores in Taipei. I checked out the Merida store last week and they. Had a few bags available.

Thank you, guys. I will try to check out some Merida stores when I get the chance. I went to the closest Giant store near where I live, and the guy said he was all out and didn’t have a time frame for when to get more. He was a bit of a A-hole, and that’s one reason why I’ve never done business with that store. I will keep looking around. I saw PC Home had a decent selection as well, but I thought I’d try seeing what’s available locally before buying one.

Which Giant store was it?

The address is 新北市中和區中安街10號 (No. 10 Zhongan St. in Zhonghe). It’s near the No. 4 Park, and by the Yong’an Market MRT station.

My wife thinks that they have an attitude due to their prime location near the park, which ensures that they don’t hurt so much for customers. It’s not a large store anyway, so I didn’t really expect much. There are other stores on the other side of the park from where I live, so I will go try them soon too.

Was in a Giant bike shop the other day and they had a Giant branded bike bag for folding bikes at $900.

I’m looking for something cheap and simple enough to get a folding bike onto train, MRT, etc. where and when required and doesn’t need to be heavy duty.

I saw a hack for Brompton folding bikes where there is a cheap simple bag at Ikea that fits perfectly and can even be used for travel by adding cardboard surrounding.

From my own experience, the Giant bike bag is your lightest and cheapest option.

Your other option is buying a black garbage bag from 7-11 and covering your bike. However, if you plan on doing this often, it may be better to just buy a bike bag. It’s also a bit more environmentally friendly than the garbage bag.

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I’m thinking something like this that folds really small and portable only needed for on and off public transport.

Thanks. Found them for $900 in a flat carry bag. Not extremely compact so still shopping for options like a round tubular like case.

The Giant bike bag folds into a round and tubular shape. You can maaaybe shove it into your water bottle holder.