Bike in building stairwell

Recently some people have moved in next door to where I live . They have started putting their bikes in the hallway in front of the fire equipment. I spoke to the building management about this but they do not seem to care. Is this legal ? I don’t want to make enemies but it seems this is a hazardous and in case of a earthquake or blackout I don’t think having bikes in the common area is legally allowed. If the building management does not care … what can I do ?


That photo looks like a possible fire extinguisher violation. You should check with your local fire department if there are such regulations in Taiwan.


In other apartment buildings they get a warning ticket:

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You can be Taiwanese about it and move their bikes around, perhaps right in front of their doorway at night. Or you could ring the fire department as they’re both blocking the fire escape and the fire fighting equipment.

Do other people have personal stuff in the stairwells? If so the management company is not worth bothering with. If not then I’d hammer them again, as a renter they probably won’t pay much attention to you so have your landlord talk to them.

Are the bikes really bothering you though, or is it just because they’re new?

Normal for Taiwan. As long as they aren’t blocking things with cabinets just let it go.

Last year when the covid Virus started I left my shoes outside the door for a few days . Someone in my building took a photo of my shoes … posted the pic in front of my door with a message in English that I cannot leave anything in the common area . Yet these Bikes are there day after day with no one seeming to care about it except me . So one pair of shoes is unacceptable … but two bikes are fine


There you go! Take a pic of the bikes and put the picture on their door with a note in whatever language they speak. Stick your shoes outside as well for good measure!