Bike outing anyone?

I am looking at renting a bike for a day probably this Sunday or the next. A Honda 250CC, I don’t mind goign by myself, but I think it’ll be more fun with someone else. I live in Taipei, so…anyone?

Igor, do you have a license for such a bike bike? If not, are you still able to rent one?

250s use the regular bike license. But watch out for the small print on the hire contract. The slightest scratch or ding has the potential to set you back many thousands of dollars. A more serious dent can see you being stuck with the cost of the entire machine.

MM, yes I do have a license for that!
Sandman, thanks for the warning, I guess I’ll just have to be careful.
Anyone of you is up for a day out?

Igor, how much is a 250 to rent? I might come out with you.

[quote=“Dangermouse”]Igor, how much is a 250 to rent? I might come out with you.[/quote]The Hornet 250CC is 1500NT for 10 hours.
I think that’s plenty enough time.
I know it’s probablygoing to be cold, but I don’t really mind. If it rains, I won’t go.

IMO, 250cc is ok but for about 500NT more you should be able to rent a 400CC. I can rent a new one for that price in Kaohsiung.(12hours) For 3000NT, I can get a R1.

Having been on big bikes all my life, I’d rather pay as much as twice more for a real big bike.

This said, Sandman’s advices are that much more valuable on these bikes. Just dropping it on it’s side at a red light could easily cost you 100K+. It’s a big chance to take on Taiwan roads.