Bike path problems in Taipei


Very easy to spot a patrol from a cop abusing his privileges.

They normally patrol in two.


I’ve noticed one section of the Danshui riverbank actually has two paths, one right along the MRT tracks and the other closer to the river in the mangroves. Is the one closer to the river accessible by bikes or is it for pedestrians only?


I believe you can. There’s a left turn before Zhu Wei MRT that takes you out closer to the river. I believe the path there is newer than the pavement next to the MRT tracks.


As said, it is, although it has a very short unpaved part at the Danshui end.
It is nicer path, but got more weekend warriors, and I normally avoid it on my way in or out.


Where is Zhu Yuan MRT?


The station between Guan Du MRT and Hong Shu Lin MRT.

If you’re on the bike path, the left turn off to the more scenic path, is after the Guan Du bridge.


Means Zhu Wei


Apologies!!! @Incubus , meant Zhu Wei.

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That bike path continues to Fishermans Wharf then east along the ocean for miles. It is very pretty out here.


Keep saying it; love the bike paths, the earlier the better …


Yup. It may be stinking hot right now, but man, if you’re up early and on those bicycle paths, it’s beautiful.

I’ve got to remember to take my real camera with me one of these mornings. My phone camera just isn’t good enough for getting a zoom of the city and the mountains.


Glad you made it to our neck of the city @ericinformosa

If I remember correclty, you’re up in Danshui, right?

Next time head up to that cement stairwell thing on the left (of your third picture). Reaaaallly nice views over to the Grand Hotel and can see Linkou on a nice clear day.


[quote=“ranlee, post:72, topic:88125, full:true”]
Glad you made it to our neck of the city @ericinformosa

If I remember correclty, you’re up in Danshui, right?[/quote]
I actually try to run up one of the rivers at least once a week, either the Keelung river up to Xizhi, or the Tamsui river to Xintian or to Yinge or Sanxia.
The bike paths are great, and mostly empty so early for most of the distance.

I normally never feel to stop to make pictures, but the last days the view is so beautiful, I had to grab some pics and post :).


Over the years I’ve ridden most of the riverside bike paths in and around Taipei. The only area that I haven’t explored is the upstream section of Dahan River. By upstream I mean going upstream from Tucheng. Looking at the map, I see that the river branches into two, one going toward Sanxia, the other Yingge. Which of these branches has a dedicated bike path and how far upstream does it extend? If there are bike paths on both, which one offers a better ride? On the Yingge side, the river leads to Daxi, Taoyuan. Will I be able to get to Daxi on a dedicated bike path? Any tips will be appreciated.


To my knowledge, the (connected) bike path currently ends a bit past Ding Pu, which is the branch heading towards Sanxia. To go towards Daxi, you might have to transfer between road to bike path.

After some Google mapping, it seems like there’s paths going in both directions, where the Sanxia side doesn’t last for long and ends here:

The other side going towards Daxi seems like a bit messy where you might have to go on the road and then reconnect onto another path, it seems like it ends here:

I think trying to see how everything connects in the Daxi direction is something that Strava heatmaps can help you out with!


To get to Sanxia you currently need to exit the riverside path about 1km before the end (follow the signpost to “Sanxia Township”) then duke it out with the gravel trucks racing along route 3, which puts a dampener on the experience.

I guess the intention is to link it to the path coming out of Sanxia on the north side via some kind of bridge, but it isn’t built yet.


Never rode a bike in my life, but still I am an internet forum bike expert!


Thanks guys. So I guess the Yingge/Daxi side is a better choice despite the “messiness.” Sharing a road with gravel trucks doesn’t sound too appealing. There’s a small section of that along the Xindian River just past Jingmei, very dusty and dark at night. I nearly rode over a huge rat one night along that stretch. So I just have to make sure I get to Dahan River’s left bank (north side) in order to trace the river upstream. Has anyone ridden all the way to Shihmen Reservoir?


Yes, I do it once or twice a year and I’m actually doing it this Sunday.

I don’t think it’s possible via bike path though.

Fastest way is via the 3 (from Ding Pu) connected to the 4 (or 7)


The path to Yingge stops at Yingge.

However, you can follow the direction and stay on the left side of the river (downstream looking), then go through the town (which is not that bad).
The road will quickly turn into a county side road (#60) all the way to the bridge leading up to Daxi.

For variaty, If I do the Shihman reservoir, I normally take the right river bank down, then from Sanxia the #3 and #7 further down to the reservoir (as per ranlee, and you can take some backroads to avoid some traffic), and back over Daxi and the left river side path up.