Bike Shops in Taipei


Just bought two bikes from Orbea. Very professional. Good price. The other shops (Merida and Fast?) also look very professional.

For the google maps location just click here.

As was said previously, they’re in Neihu. (Actually, not too far from the Costco)


Cross street or google map location for this ???

GTBK just posted where the Merida and Orbea shops are. There is another cluster of shops over by the flower market and athletic center. The intersection is Gangqian and Ruiguang. There is a nice big Specialized shop on Ruiguang across from the flower market and 2 or 3 smaller shops, one of them a botique shop with some pretty spendy looking bikes across from the athletic center on Gangqian.


Something like this:

One of those Gangqian stores will do fixed gear, singlespeeds, customs, etc, with lots of stuff out of japan (but you pay for it).


[quote=“DesertSpider”]Is there a Trek store / shop here ?

Not that it matters which flag they fly… just looking for a good mtn. bike shop that can do good tune-ups, work on hydraulic brakes, advanced accessories, etc.


There is no official “TREK” store here

Trek is distributed by … Itemid=120

Where are you from?


Hi, we can help with bearings and anything cycling, mainly mid-to-high end road bikes but very good mechanic who speaks English -


Any suggestions on where to get a bike in the Xinpu/Banqiao area? Will be mainly using it for riding along the river.
Went into this store today on Juguang Rd. in Xinpu - his cheapest bikes were 3800NT which he said would be fine with short city hops, but for rides along the river he suggested something more expensive (he showed me one for NT6800).
I don’t know anything about bikes. How much do I need to pay for something fairly reliable for a spot of recreational cycling? Does anyone have any suggestions of models/shops.


Greetings to all,

I’m traveling beautiful Taiwan and I’m looking for a Cannondale shop or a shop that sell Cannondale parts in Taipei, any suggestions where to go to?



Hello everyone,

I have been reading this post carefully and went to nearly all the shops you mentioned, but I cannot find what I am looking for.

I have kids, and I noticed many people around the city riding two seated bikes with one seat for a kid in front of the main seat (that kind of bike, folding or not). Anyone knows where to find those in the city ? (preferably in Tianmu as I live here).

It’s strange that such a common item in the streets of Taipei is so hard to find !

My kids will be thankful if you can help us :slight_smile:


Try the supermarkets - a.mart and rt.mart both do similar bikes like that.


[quote=“Simbad”]Hello everyone,

I have been reading this post carefully and went to nearly all the shops you mentioned, but I cannot find what I am looking for.

I have kids, and I noticed many people around the city riding two seated bikes with one seat for a kid in front of the main seat (that kind of bike, folding or not). Anyone knows where to find those in the city ? (preferably in Tianmu as I live here).

It’s strange that such a common item in the streets of Taipei is so hard to find !

My kids will be thankful if you can help us :slight_smile:[/quote]

Some of them may be rented from the HeBing (Riverside) Park rent spots too!


Hebin = riverside. There is no ‘g’ at the end of bin1 (濱).


Thanks grammar police haha. My pingying is horrible, would usually use words directly, but I figured I’d be foreigner friendly.

Anyways, I wanted to give my two cents on the Giant stores I’ve visited. Since I have decided on a Giant bike I’ve visited a few stores around Taipei and will keep updating with new opinions.

Nanjing East Road Store
Address: Nanjing East Road, No. 278, 1st Floor, Songshan District, Taipei (台北市松山區南京東路三段278號1樓)
My first impression of this store was, is it the flag ship store? It’s huge! I know for a fact this store has been here for awhile, but I’ve never walked into the store before. I was greeted with a 歡迎光臨 the second I walked in and within a minute, an employee came up to me and asked if I needed any help. I pretty much told him I’ve decided to buy a road bike and this was my first exposure to road. He was not fazed and went on to answer every one of my noob questions. This has nothing to do with his good customer service, but he looked like Machi Da Ge :sunglasses:

My second visit there, I was greeted by Jimmy. This time I had a whole different set of questions everything from how long does it take to get used to the bike to their monthly events they hold for customers/bikers. They didn’t have a Defy3 S size for me to try out (sit on), but he let me sit on an SCR1 to get the feel of sitting on a road bike. He said I was not able to ride it.

They had a great selection of high end road bikes and MTB. However, a small selection of female and family/commuter bikes. The service center did not seem busy both times I went (Tuesday and Friday nights) and seemed to always be staffed with 1 or 2 mechanics.

This place is definitely foreigner friendly since they do speak English! When I walked in a fellow foreigner was speaking to one of the employees and he had zero trouble understanding what he was saying. I threw a few uncommon English words into my conversation with Jimmy and he had no problem with understanding. I had no idea what carbon fiber was in Chinese and he explained it, awesome.

Dong Hu Store
Address: Kangning Rd Section 3 Lane 219 No 2 1F (台北市內湖區康寧路三段219巷2號1F)
I’ve also visited this place twice. The first time I was just passing by and asked Lao Ban Niang was very very helpful when trying to explain to me the difference between an SCR2 and Defy3. She did suggest that I come in for a test ride on a day when I wasn’t in a hurry and I took her word for it.

Second time I came in I told the employee I wanted to test ride a Defy3 small frame. She told me to go around the corner to the service shop where Lao Ban and Lao Ban Niang were helping customers. I walked into and even though the both of them were busy helping customers, they still got me fitted fairly quickly and got me on a Defy3 that was attached to a treadmill like machine. The second I got on, they started teaching me the right posture and everything! Something the Nanjing store’s Jimmy did not notice. I know that Lao Ban was a previous Taiwan National Team member, so he definitely knows his stuff. Both Lao Ban and Lao Ban Niang called total BS on what Jimmy from the Nanjing store told me about the Defy 2015 line. Jimmy said the entry level Defy would receive disc brakes for the new 2015 line, Lao Ban said that’s impossible. We will see!

The selection at this store was much more family friendly than the Nanjing store. They had as many road bikes and MTB as they did kids bikes and family/commuter bikes. All in all, a pretty good selection. A little skimpier on the accessories compared to the Nanjing store.

All in all, I felt the Dong Hu store was very very friendly and definitely wanted make sure you bought the right product and you knew how to use it. Do keep in mind that they may not speak any English! I never spoke to them in English or hinted at being a foreigner, so we never got onto the subject

UPDATE: Jul 3 2014

Nangang Store
Address: Nangang Road Section 1 No 289-2 (台北市南港區南港路一段289-2號)

I visited this store last night after noticing it on my scooter ride to drop off my girlfriend last week. Here’s what I saw and learned.

I was immediately approached by an employee within 20secs when walking into the store. Tall, skinny, glasses, I thought he was just a part time high school/uni worker there to help out. I was wrong. He dropped knowledge like no one else I’ve met in the Giant stores. Almost didn’t understand 70% of what he was saying. My Mandarin comprehension is high, but the knowledge he was dropping was waaaay too technical for me. The store itself is not too small and also has a B1 level for fittings and the ride-right system.

One thing I noticed that this store had that not many other Giant stores had were non-Giant bikes. I didn’t get a too close of a look at them, but it could’ve been customer bikes that came in for a tune-up, so don’t get too excited.

One new piece of info I found out here was that every Giant store has their own way of discounting your bike and services! This store gives you a 15% discount and gifts you accessories (water bottle, water rack, bag, front/back lights) If it’s a new bike, they said they would do a cleaning of certain parts (if I can remember correctly I think they said something about the handle bar and spokes. Don’t hold it against me though!)

Another new thing I learned, no Giant warehouses in Taipei, everything is stored in TaiZhong, so if they do not have your bike/size, they have to ship it up. This store gets shipments every Wednesday and Saturday. Lesson learned, call in advance before buying! Make sure they have your bike/size.


Here’s a list of almost all the bike shops in Taiwan. It’s a little outdated and in Chinese, but that’s nothing Google Translate can’t handle.


Very timely thread, I have just got home from a very unsatisfactory bike shop experience.

For the record I have spent most of my working life in the bike industry

(Rant on)

I needed to have a new headset fitted,a high end part into a high end frame. Normally this is something I would do myself but as it’s not a job I expected to have to do in the two years I’ll be in Taiwan I left the three large, heavy tools needed to do the job at home.
So I went to the shop that’s 150m from my building to get them to install it for me,having seen the correct tools hanging up in there workshop while in there on a previous occasion.
As my Chinese is at a very beginner level I explained what I needed one buy showing them my bike, pointing at the old part, showing them the replacement part and on my phone showing them the tool
Manufacturers video on doing the job-while pointing out said tool on there wall.
They seemed to understand all this just fine and told me the price to do the job and sad to come back in half an hour.
I went home and had a cup of coffee then went back to the store just in time to see them smashing the new part in with a hammer. This has cosmetically damaged both the new part,my frame and my fork. They risked doing serious damage to these parts as well as by not using the correct tools the parts are smashed into alignment potentially ovelizing the head tube. Or slipping with the hammer or screwdrivers they used.

I expressed my displeasure,and they had the balls to try and tell me that the marks were a normal part of the job and that by doing it there way the got a better result.
Complete and utter bullshit!

This is a shop with a lot of nice stuff in it so looks can be deceiving.

Not sure of the name but I recommend avoiding the shop just south of the Starbucks at the south end of daan park.

(Rant off)

I will continue to try and and undertake all my own bike work for the rest of my time in Taipei but I would like a recommendation of somewhere that I can go to for situations like this, I’m not to concerned about cost or location-just ability to do things right.


Is this the shop you visited res?


[strike]Dahon Bikes
Address: No. 310, Section 2, Jianguo South Rd, Taiwan 106[/strike]

I’m guessing the local Giant shop didn’t have the necessary tools for your fix? I havent hard of an instance where self owned shops have had good service.

I know 9/10 of my posts in this forum is me telling people how great the Giant on Nanjing is, but I’ve had zero problems with them and they seem to be one of the few Giant shops where most of the employees speak some English.


Defiantly not that shop, don’t want people to get confused so I’ll get the shop name and post it up-don’t want to damage a innocent shop


Well, that’s the only store that showed up on Google maps in that area, but thanks for keeping us informed.


[quote=“cfimages”]There’s a store called Stripe that sells only higher-end folding bikes. I haven’t bought anything from them, so don’t know if they are any good. Anyway, here’s the address.

No 1, Lane 36 Fusing N Rd
02 2731 4435

It’s close to Nanjing E MRT station. Walk back down Fuxing N (towards SOGO) about 200m The lane is opposite the gas station, just past the post office. There’s an OSIM store on the corner.[/quote]

Time for a slight update on this one. It’s still there, although I don’t know if it’s called ‘Stripe’ any more, and the folding bikes appear to be gone. They sell lots of frames and full bikes by, I think, mostly local manufacturers like Performer and others. It looks small from the outside, but they’ve got a large downstairs basement filled with stuff. It’s about five or ten minutes walk from Nanjing E. Rd MRT.

Also, the proprietor speaks pretty good English.

Google Maps link:,121.543598,3a,75y,350.96h,88.15t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s32AE2E2AAHz4bJdLT-EVXw!2e0!6m1!1e1

Website address for the shop:


Ha nice one. I must have walked past that street a dozen times without noticing the shop. Looks useful.


The direct translation of the shop is Magic Box Bike Shop. As of early October 2014, the building is renovating, it’s still open, but all you can see is the door.

I went there looking for road shoes a few weeks back and they do have a wide selection of well priced road shoes ranging from exustar, northwave and even a few pairs of SIDI (even though the guy said they will not be shelving the 2015 line of SIDI shoes)

The ground level shop is a complete mess and makes you think that this place doesn’t sell anything but repaired bikes, but if you head downstairs, that’s where the bulk of the frames and accessories are kept. Still a little bit messy, but you get a good variety.