Bike Shops in Taipei


Not that I’m aware of, however, I wouldn’t be too hasty to assume it doesn’t exist.

The only store that comes to mind is a shop over on Minsheng close to the river. Place is called STAIND collection.

There’s also a shop that’s near the bottom of Yang De Blvd across from Taibei School that sells Velobici apparel. Which also doubles as a light brunch spot. Only one level though.

If you do remember, feel free to share!


There’s a shop there, but I never ever pinpointed it’s exact location or its entrance.

This area is @Liub 's territory. Maybe he can shed some light.


Well, the thing is that the impression I got from that shop was like “this is the typical shop for people who care more about being cool than riding”. Which is so close to what I think of Rapha xD


That shop is No. 77, I walk past it everyday. Sells a bunch of different bikes but more for the folding bike crowd.

No cafe or anything like that, but there is one next door.


I came in a couple of times, but last time was several years ago, so my memory is blurry.


There’s a huge Specialized store opening up on Heping. Looks pretty sweet.


Wait, do you know @Taidong?


Where is it? It’s a long road!


Yeah where is this? Used to be a Specialized junkie, would love to check it out.



The store is called: LAVA 277自轉車

Grand opening should be in about 2-3 weeks. I met one of the co-owner a few weeks ago, real chill dude.


Wow…that’s a pretty big space. Used to be a two level hot pot restaurant.

They are in a prime spot for those going to and from Maokong.


Looks pretty spiffy.


There’s a new Trek Concept Store being renovated in Taipei Zhongshan district, first official Trek store in Taipei AFAIK.

No. 30, Section 2, Minsheng East Road, Zhongshan District


Update on the Trek store. The renovation looks almost done and so is the outside signage, doesn’t look too far away.


It looks like they’re open for business, but not fully outfitted just yet. Here’s the FB post.