Bikepacking in Penghu

I’m planning a bike packing trip to Penghu in late July (I know it will be hot). Current idea is to take a train from Songshan to Xijing, cycle over to Budai and spend the night (ferries don’t run in the PM to Penghu). 3~4 days on Penghu, cycling around and staying in B&Bs, before return journey (maybe 1~2 days in Tainan), then train back to Taipei.

Do the folks on this forum have any insight / suggestions on:

  1. Taking bikes on ferries
  2. Cycling around Penghu
  3. Things to do / no do in Penghu
  4. Thoughts about the outlying islands



There are lots of threads on these topics. Start searching the site using Penghu as a starting point.


and potentially very wet and windy.

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I’m not familiar with Penghu, but it seems like 3 days max would be needed to do a “round the island”.

Here’s an itinerary of a tour that Giant does.

As for Tainan, I believe @ColT is down there and may be able to give some pointers.

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You can bike Penghu in a day.

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I definitely suggest to include the outlining islands… they are all small, but quite different - I’ve visited a few… Cimei and Jibei come to my mind… I’m sure you can take a bike on the ferries… most of these islands need a few hours (or less) to circumnavigate

If sunny, be warned, there is no shade anywhere!

The islands are a nice experience - enjoy


Exactly! Also, it’s usually very windy. In the farm areas you’ll notice many low coral rock walls around the fields–an attempt to cut down the wind damage to crops.
I’ve been to Penghu half a dozen times and it’s always been very windy. It’s sometimes difficult controlling a scooter so I can only imagine the difficulties on a bicycle.

That said, @shaokilai , it sounds like a great trip!

Its not so windy in Summer obviously. But it can be…It also can be very hot with no shade. I wouldn’t cycle midday there for instance.

No you can’t. There’s more than one island.

Yes, in fact there are 90 islands in total, if I’m not wrong

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The main island, the others you can walk.

thank you everyone for your input - really helpful as I plan the trip - appreciate it


Good luck! Have fun! Take pics! Do share :blush:

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