Bikers in (or around) Taipei?

Been driving alone so long, now I just wonder if I could get a team of people who enjoy driving motorcycles and form a wolfpack for touring on weekends and some evenings.

Ah, to be clear, I only drive 150cc, so if you’re a heavy biker then you won’t be interested in cruising with me and waiting for me each few kilometers :wink:

But if you’re also driving 150-250 cc and especially a motorcycle with gears, and you’re close to Taipei, let me know!

I am touring spontaneously, longest I did was Taipei-Kenting-Taipei. Second longest was Hsinchu-Hualian through mountains (by Fuxing). But that’s few times a year, normally I enjoy distance within 100 km, (ie. Taipei - Hsinchu, esp. neiwan) or just Taipei/Jinshan/Wanli/Keelung/Fulong. I love riding on Yangming shan. And I lived there for over half a year (up the 竹子湖) so I know routes there very well.
Even night city driving, just anything really :wink: