Bill to lower the voting age to 18 passes the Legislature

This is good! In line with international standards and another blow to the KMT.


Setting a maximum age for voting would be revolutionary and really change politics.

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I had never really understood why some elections were 18+ and some were 21+. It made it especially annoying when US elections took place and I tried explaining it to students who would be quite adamant that only people 21 and up could vote for US president. Who’s the American here?

But good for Taiwan!

Old enough to serve in the military, old enough to vote.

Will the KMT drag their feet on this? If so, it’ll make the young ones hate 'em even more.



At least in the legislature, the answer seems to have been “no.”

It’ll now go to a referendum. I wish I could vote!


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So that means too few people will vote to make it valid anyways. :thinking:

From the Focus Taiwan article linked above:

According to the Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China, amendments must first clear the Legislature with the approval of at least three-quarters of lawmakers present at a meeting attended by a minimum of three-quarters of all lawmakers. [NOTE: THIS WAS ACCOMPLISHED TODAY!]

Once an amendment is approved by lawmakers, it must then be voted on in a national referendum and only passes if half of all eligible voters cast ballots in favor of its passage.

So yes it’s a high bar. I wish I could vote to help the referendum pass.