Billing address woes

I tried to buy something from the Taiwan Apple Store yesterday using my US credit card, which I’ve already used here without issue. However, it seems that the requires your billing address to be from Taiwan, which caused my card to get rejected.

Is this sort of thing common? And is there a workaround? I was surprised that even Apple wouldn’t let me purchase using my foreign credit card online; I suspect I would have no problems in-store.

put shipping address as your billing address. it’s not a biggie.

I tried doing that - the credit card company declined the transaction. And I know it’s not a travel issue, because I’ve already used this credit card quite a bit here.

I have an overseas bank card with a Taiwan address and this confuses the issue even more.

Declined (AVS Mismatch) or (Card Code Mismatch)

This means the transaction was declined due to the Address Verification Service (AVS) or Card Code Verification (CCV) results. AVS compares the billing address (numerical partions) provided in a transaction with the cardholder’s address on file at the credit card issuing bank. CCV compares the card code (a three- or four-digit security code that is printed on the credit card) provided in a transaction with the card code on file at the credit card issuing bank. When enabled, both services return a code to the payment gateway indicating the verification results. You can configure settings for AVS and CCV in the Merchant Interface to decline transactions based on those codes.

Try putting the billing address same as the where credit card is registered to.

Right, yea. I have no problem on international sites where I can enter my US billing address, but for some reason Apple won’t let me enter a non-Taiwan billing address.

Then you can only use local cards online. Or use the physical store, they might accept foreign credit cards.

Well, it seems the Taipei Metro online store does the same thing :weary:

Pay on Delivery? If it’s an option, but than you need cash. Or delivery at 7-11, FamilyMart?

The Taipei Metro online store has some sort of pay at ATM option. Apple appears to require a credit card though.

Have you tried using a local credit card?

I don’t have one yet! But I’ll bet that would work fine.