Bin Laden Had Plan To Sell Poisoned Cocaine To Americans

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It was fun for a few seconds, but when I want advice to blindly follow and not critically think beyond what I am told is the official truth I’ll re-enlist in the army, instead of listing to rantings of regurgitated info some champ passes off as his own.

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And what a very good quality road it is. Good quality surfacing was used and the road is even and free of potholes. It is a nice shade of grey with a light dusting of sand from the desert an both sides. It has reduced the travel time from Khartoum to Atbara to around four hours and the journey can be made on one of the many Toyota minibuses that ply the route leaving Kartoum Bhari bus station, located just to the left of the bridge across the Blue Nile going north. It costs about US$3 for the 300+km journey. The drivers will obligingly slow down for you so you can piss out of the door when you need to. If you need to do a number two they will stop and give you a shovel to dig a mini-latrine with. But I digress; the road is very good indeed and has been a worthy and necessary addition to the collapsed Sudanese transport infrastructure.


No. 1 and No. 2? What would they do if you needed to stop and have a bit of Geraldine? :smiling_imp:

[quote=“Josefus”]Bin Laden Had Plan To Sell Poisoned Cocaine To Americans In 2002

Stories that make you go “woah”.[/quote]

Complete Utter Bollux.

More propaganda sponsered by the white house.

After the next attacks in the US, which will happen sometime in the next year (and will be allowed to happen), whether they are planes, anthrax, or whatever the FBI decide will terrify the public, ask who benefits?
It won’t be some bandit in a cave who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

Well hell, why haven’t you guys printed the story??

[quote]PAPER: Bin Laden Had Plan To Sell Poisoned Cocaine To Americans In 2002
Tue Jul 26 2005 09:43:35 ET

Osama bin Laden tried to buy a massive amount of cocaine, spike it with poison and sell it in the United States, hoping to kill thousands of Americans one year after the 9/11 attacks, the NEW YORK POST reported on Tuesday. [/quote]

but it’s not like cokeheads are GOOD Americans…I’d have survived.

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Osama must have been scratching his tiny emaciated head…

So it is:

But back to the topic:

Such a pessimist! I’d like to think Americans are more resilient than that. I think the worst-case scenario would have played out something like this:

[quote]I’m goin’ down to the corner
Gonna have myself a drink
‘Cause that s*** that we been usin’
You know, it sure confuse my thinking[/quote]–Randy Newman, “Uncle Bob’s Midnight Blues” (1970)

Uh, I didn’t make any argument at all. You said you have links. I merely asked you to provide a link or links.


In any event, here is what another cite[sic] says:

[quote][url=]“While the charges that the CIA was responsible for the rise of the Afghan Arabs might make good copy, they don’t make good history. The truth is more complicated, tinged with varying shades of gray. The United States wanted to be able to deny that the CIA was funding the Afghan war, so its support was funneled through Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence agency (ISI). ISI in turn made the decisions about which Afghan factions to arm and train, tending to favor the most Islamist and pro-Pakistan. The Afghan Arabs generally fought alongside those factions, which is how the charge arose that they were creatures of the CIA. Former CIA official Milt Bearden, who ran the Agency’s Afghan operation in the late 1980s, says, “The CIA did not recruit Arabs,” as there was no need to do so. There were hundreds of thousands of Afghans all too willing to fight, and the Arabs who did come for jihad were “very disruptive . . . the Afghans thought they were a pain in the ass.” Similar sentiments from Afghans who appreciated the money that flowed from the Gulf but did not appreciate the Arabs’ holier-than-thou attempts to convert them to their ultra-purist version of Islam. … There was simply no point in the CIA and the Afghan Arabs being in contact with each other. … the Afghan Arabs functioned independently and had their own sources of funding. The CIA did not need the Afghan Arabs, and the Afghan Arabs did not need the CIA. So the notion that the Agency funded and trained the Afghan Arabs is, at best, misleading. The ‘let’s blame everything bad that happens on the CIA’ school of thought vastly overestimates the Agency’s powers, both for good and ill.” [Holy War, Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden (New York: The Free Press, 2001), pp. 64-66.]

The accounts of some journalists and investigators, however, do suggest that CIA money and weapons reached the Afghan Arabs and bin Laden indirectly through the ISI.[/url][/quote][/quote]

And then that next paragraph goes ahead to give the underlying reason for the Salafi/al-Qaida jihad war against the US among others. The war is “without a doubt an indirect consequence of U.S. involvement in that Afhan-Soviet War.” Bin Laden was a prominent mujahideen organizer and financier. The US and the CIA welcomed the efforts of the mujahideen in the war against the Soviets. Then President Ronald Reagan called the mujahadeen “freedom fighters … defending principles of independence and freedom that form the basis of global security and stability.” In Rambo, mujahadeen in Afghanistan were glorified and assisted the hero in his mission.

Actual proof of the CIA’s activities in training of the muahadeen will have to wait until the CIA documents are declassified, provided that the CIA wrote down what they actually did. The mujahadeen were able to drive the USSR superpower from their nation - and many people deny that the US helped to train the mujahadeen directly. Prior to the invasion, many of the mujahadeen had never owned a firearm. What we do know is that the CIA invested US$2.1 billion in Afghanistan during the 1980s to assist the anti-Soviet resistance while at the same time bin Laden developed his recruitment skills and assisted the anti-Soviet resistance.

The US government maintains that US aid went only to Afghan fighters, and that [Afghan Arabs] had their own sources of funding, an account also supported by al Qaeda itself. In a way, an al Qaeda born to be self-supporting is a much scarier monster. See “MAK”

They would understand. :raspberry:


[quote=“xp+10K”]So it is:


The picture in the top left is not one of the aforementioned Osama road. There is nary a hill between Khartoum and Atbara. That looks nore like the road near Kassala on the Eritrean border. The bottom one isn’t either; it is too narrow and is more likely to be the surfaced road from Khartoum to El Obeid. The other two pictures could be as the surrounding terrain is more like that to be found between Khartoum and Atbara and might be near the Chinese oil refinery which is on the right going north.


Sorry about the inaccuracies, but I’ve never been to Sudan. I got the pictures from these two URLs: