Binlang Xishi (Betelnut Beauties)

Ok so whats the deal here:

[quote=“The Taipei Times”]‘Betel nut beauties’ in Taoyuan told to cover up bare bits

The most scantily-clad of Taoyuan County’s “betel nut beauties” will be told to cover up next month after the county’s government brings in new regulations, Chinese-language media reported yesterday.
Employing scantily clad young women has long been a widespread practice among Taiwan’s betel nut stands, most of which are scattered along suburban roads and highways across the country.[/quote]
I don’t know what the place is coming to at all. Please please please tell me it ain’t so …

Don’t worry, it’ll all come to nothing. They tried cover-up enforcement once before, but the girls just started keeping a jacket on the back of their chair, which they’d put on if the busies showed up.

Anyway, Taoyuan’s nothing – you should see what some of them (don’t) wear down south. And down south, if you catch the drift. :shock:

No matter how little they wear, the cigarettes, they sell are more often than not fakes - and they look rather pathetic in their (usually pink) nothing.

Of course the obvious solution is to regulate the betelnut trade, and not the ladies peddling them. Since betelnut are an extralegal commodity, why doesn’t the government slap quality restrictions, packaging guidelines, zoning and heavy taxes on the 'nut. First thing is to kick them off the roads. I don’t think I’d be allowed to open a 31 flavours ice cream stand in an illegal, unregistered structure on the side of a busy road - why should the betelnut stands be any different? Also, the government should impose a heavy tax on the nut, and a heavy fine for those that spit in public. (Beteljuice or not - spitting here is just disgusting and a health hazard!) Anyway, a $200NT pack of betelnut ought to make even the most addicted gravel truck driver cut down.

That’s more nanny-ish than even the Taiwan government.

Why does the trade need regulating? Quality issues will be sorted out by competition between brands. no one is going to go back to a store that sells them poor quality products are they? Unless they are attracted by something else… in which case BY DEFINITION they got their money’s worth.

And why are the girls selling betel-nuts a problem? Anyone offended by them can sling their hook as far as I am concerned.

Those who cry regulation and banning are just going to end up watering down the local society to a second-rate version of the “you-lot-can’t-look-after-yourself” states that have been generated in the West.

The one thing that is attractive about the East is the relatively free-wheeling nature of the society. We can do without spoiled Westerners, prudes, and delicate little flowers screaming regulation at every turn. That way, no one gets what they want… it won’t be long before all the night markets have to close down because of “improved hygiene standards.”

Go on, sling your hook, the lot of yer…

Yeah, right. Not a damn thing has been, or will be done about this filthy, environmentally and physically hazardous cash crop “drug” sold by teenage prostitutes at illegal roadside stands BECAUSE it’s mafia controlled… HELLO! :unamused:

And didn’t our dear-old Taipei mayor Ma Ying Jyou try to ban the selling of binglan within city limits a couple of years back. I guess that didn’t work, after only dismantling a few of them initially. This Taiwanese chewing gum is here to stay.

Fyi, I now have Singaporeans telling me that the first thing they want to see upon arriving in Taiwan, is to go and check out the binglan girls. And they were girls! Apparently it is creating a big buzz in that conservative city-state.

Hmmmm, maybe we could turn this into a tourist attraction. Imagine, having tourist bus stop at the stalls, clicking away by the dozens each ‘heroine’ and pretty soon Pattaya could have competition.

I think the Betel nut girls are the greatest thing about taiwan, well not the greatest, but unique and cool. My girlfreind and I often buy our cigs there, and talk to them. Some of them you can see their nipples for crying out loud, accidently on purpose, and my gf gets really mad when i peek! Jeez, it’s just a nipple, big deal, we all got them!

The ones i like best are the nurse uniform girls selling the nuts. I mean it ;s all just pure clean fun, why does eveyrone get so upset about this. Damn puritan culture of the west and east meet here. Look, flesh is flesh, no big deal, get over it. as you long as you don’t abuse yr wife or gf, or molest little girls, flesh is wonderful. why does the puritan streak ruin everything in this world?

i mean, we were born to screw. right? thats why we are all here. get over it, buy some nuts, chew slowly, spit quietly, leer lustfully. come on, after 911 let’s enjoy life.! we aint gonna be here much longer you know…

Teenage prostitutes? Get a grip on yourself, Alien.

First of all, have some sympathy for the devil, girl! these girls, er, women, are 19-25, no post high school ed, prob dropped out, prob have babies at home or in back room, are all married or living with boyfriends, most of whom are yes gangster affiliated thugs, And they can make around NT$30,000 a month listening to the radio, talking on th celphone with gfriends, looking out at the road and thiking about life, the bean counting is just routine u don’t even have to think what you are doimg, like rolling a joint, ANd they get paid in cash, no taxes, it’;s FUN job, just ask them, really. I have not met one BNG who said she doesnt love her job. some get NT$100,000 a month. they love their costumes, these are low educated low class low income family girls with no future, not like our future that is, so why can’t they have fun and make some dough at the same time.

they are not hurting anyone except puritans among us. of whcih there are many i guess.

is it better to work in a dreary office doing a dreary job with dreary coworkers? No, if I was a taiwan low ed low income girl, with a nice bod and boobs to show for it, i would be a betel butt girl myself, oh i meeant betel nut.

Alien, why are you so against them? The feminist part I agree with 100%, you are right on that part yes. but hey, this is not Gloria Steinmen country, We are living in a Second World country with a non_Christian sexview of things. it;s cool. I hppe you find yr studmuffins soon, its fun to be randy and fleshy. at least when you die you can have some memories. i know you agree with me!

Why does the trade need regulating? Quality issues will be sorted out by competition between brands. no one is going to go back to a store that sells them poor quality products are they?

Pffft, how naive are you!? They are not “branded”.
Haven’t you noticed that there are lot of fake smokes here labelled with some famous brand name, imported from China with who-knows-what’s-in-it!?

People here prefer cheap, not quality.

Fyi, I now have Singaporeans telling me that the first thing they want to see upon arriving in Taiwan, is to go and check out the binglan girls.

Yep, my friend in Malaysia and Singapore are also keen to see them (or some pictures). Same as with the go-go bars in Bangkok / Thailand … :frowning:

Why do guys like you have to go to betelnut stands to get a look at a woman’s nipples?


You completely missed the point, dingbat.

If quality is an issue, the market will sort it out. If quality isn’t an issue then the guys who go to buy fake cigs/betel nuts are getting their money’s worth because they are there for the girls. The point is that Maoman’s call for regulation was facile, pointless…

I don’t think anmyone believes the cigs are real or that there is a great deal of quality differential between different betel nut brands (maybe there were some lousy ones in the past but they got rooted out.)

Regulation will solve nothing… because there is nothing to solve.

You completely missed the point, dingbat.

I don’t think I did: How can you put fakes and quality into one sentence?
There is nothing for the market to sort out then - but if you want quality (originals) you don’t buy them for cheap at the road side from a bettle nut girl, easy as that. Nor do I believe they have “returning customers” as such.

But I didn’t know that you actually have “beetle nut” brands … :astonished:

The point is that Maoman’s call for regulation was facile, pointless…

Well, not pointless perhaps but hard if not impossible to implement. Ok … pointless then. :laughing: :wink:

Betelnuts sold by the “beauties” are generally of lower quality than the ones sold other places.

The cigarettes are usually fake and taste like sh*t.

Big breasts and betel nut girls??? You must have been here too long.

There are branded betelnuts. A-Qiu betelnuts were popular a while ago. I think shuangxing is in right now.

today’s TT has a front page shot of ‘betel nut beauties’ protesting outside the Taoyuan city hall. the caption reads “…our bodies, our business…”
if i worked at TT i would have tried to change it to “our nuts ARE our business” just so segue readers something to comment about.

First: Tihs is a limited action and not islandwide.
Second: Does the phrase, “Three-minute heatwave” ring a bell?
Third: Thank god the authorites have their priorities straight and have not hindered the world’s oldest profession. 8)

Given the fact that Taoyuan county is rather mob-infested, battling the ladies of the night might be fatal. Liu Bangyou, a former county commisioner, got himself shot a few years back.

Are the ladies of the day easier prey?

I have heard that the betel nut beauties are prostitutes as well, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in most instances - otherwise you would see the men entering their sheds. I mean, they can’t do it in a car in broad daylight???

The only reason to eat beatle nut is the beatle nut beauties that sell the stuff. I once was in Taoyuan and the stand had two girls with revealing bras, and lots of guys stopped by their stand to get a peek at their nipples. I went once. It was amazing locker room teen shit fun! The girls would lean over so the customer could get an eyeful of their cleavage and breasts and yes, nipples. They knew it, we knew it. I just ordered a NT$50 package. A week later they were gone. Police bust?