Bio-fuel, bio-diesel ... set backs for cooking

Just read a news story that they expect the cooking oils to rise in price by as much as 20% over the next few years because of the increase in use of bio oil fuels … higher demand means higher prices … too bad …

does it mean that “Belgian fries … with beef stew and mayonnaise”
will soon be pricey and wildly sought after like foie gras and caviar?

That seems somwhat of an idiotic estimate, I mean, couldn’t farmers just grow more? Farming has been in delcine for so many years in the US, a lot of good cropland is just sitting there, unused. Not to mention if Biofuels do win the alternative engergy race, they will almost doubtless come up with superior methods of refining and growing them.

I met a guy in Australia last year who was using biodisel, but he was just filling up his rig at Mac Donalds as according to him they change the oil more frequently. He just filtered and heated it and drove away.

That’s why we use waste cooking oil. It takes a little more know how, but the oil is free.

That’s not bio diesel, that’s WVO and will eventually kill your diesel engine.

Thats because in the US, people use palm oil for cooking (which is the prime candidate oil considered for biofuels) rather than olive oil which has no cholesterol and is made up of polyunsaturated oils. MUCH HEALTHIER.

Canola oil is cooking oil and that’s going to be big as fuel, it’s big as frying oil allready … EV olive oil should be put on salad …

The same will go for corn and corn oil, soy(a) and its oil … just this morning I saw on the news that most of the ethanol used in the US is from corn … maybe the price of popcorn will go up to … :smiley: