Biodynamic cranial touch - Taipei and Tainan

Craniosacral Touch – health delivered from within (English and Chinese spoken)

Let the forces that created the body heal the body.

Still the body, still the mind, still the voice inside; in silence, feel the stillness move.
Dear friends, this feeling cannot be imagined. -Kabir

No matter what state your mind or body has moved into, there remains in you

			an original blueprint of health and comfort 

that you have been born with. Would you like to experience a cranial touch session and get a sense of the deep rejuvenation that comes from connecting with that unique blueprint?

Biodynamic cranial touch …

at a deep level helps you re-familiarize with your natural state of health, the one that perhaps seems to have become altered, hidden, or masked by past and present emotional and physical injury or disharmony. Sometimes it works to let an outside force figure out and take action to fix something with you. Sometimes it doesn’t. Come to a session to profoundly relax into yourself, and into your body-felt BEING of health.

A typical after-session feeling is like that of a deeply rejuvenating – and timeless – retreat. The work is not intended primarily to be therapeutic or medical, although it does have medical and therapeutic effects … sometimes transformative.

Instead, it’s primarily purpose is self-development. After a few sessions, clients can learn how to give themselves sessions, connecting to the inner flow that becomes increasingly apparent.

Common issues people come with are -

  • any type of “mysterious” body condition whose source is unknown or is not responding in expected ways.
  • chronic stress (it can have the effect of a deep vacation - and you can ask for a double session if it feels like this is what you need).
  • long-term conditions where you are in an unsatisfying holding pattern.
  • anything feeling deep and stuck.
  • nervous disorders.
  • unfreezing necks and shoulders (usually in 1 session).
    This work can be great at supporting deep lifestyle change of any type.

If this description resonates with you or some little part of you within, call for more information or to make an appointment. Meet Jane either in her Taipei or Tainan space for a rejuvenating session.

Taipei - Tuesday & Wednesday. DrSoul - GuangFu South Rd, Lane 294, #21, 2F (SunYatSen MRT Exit 2) call Joanne 02 8773 7361 (
Tainan - Thursday - Sunday. AnPing Area (south of the Dutch Fort) call 0932 259 844 ( (beginning June, 2013)

You will be in experienced, respectful hands.