Biographies of CKS

Does anyone know of any reasonably neutral biographies of CKS? I have lots of opinions of him based on this website, Taipei Times and 7 years living here and I wouldn’t mind having something a bit more scholarly, non-agenda pushing and substantial to base my outright hate, outrage and disgust at the man!

Does Johnathon Spence(sp?) have anything specific on him? That would be my go-to guy.

I have one by Jonathan Fenby, called “CKS: China’s Generalissimo and the Nation he Lost”. It covers his life up until Taiwan, and no further, but I enjoyed it a lot – interesting, readable, and seemingly unbiased.

I read one about CCK by Jay Taylor, a decent read. He also has a more recent biography on lao Chiang but I haven’t read it yet.

The Fenby one is also an enjoyable read.

Spence is the master, but he hasn’t written anything on CKS.

That one was a cracker. Swapped it with an ex-forumosan for the Mao thing by Jung Chang’s man. Didn’t get through that before I left the 'wan though.