Biology class in english?

Hey there,

Anyone know where I can find a college level bio class preferably taught in english in the taipei area?

I’ve done searches but everything seems to be in Chinese and I can’t read Chinese … :blush:

Thanks sooo much!!!


I think your best bet maybe to do a online training course, many universities and colleges offer distance learning courses.

Sorry if I sound rude, but you are in Taiwan and don’t expect to find a Biology class in English. Really, you expect way too much. Lets see, I would love a lecture series in English on Asian architecture. Can someone please help me. Also, if anyone knows where I can take Physics 101, preferably for AP credit here in Taipei, I would really appreciate it. Come on, funnygirl, is this a joke?

No harm in asking though, is there? Some other courses here are offered in English.

Josjtw: To answer your question, yes, it is an honest request. And I’m not sure if I’m asking too much. I guess I’ll find out by asking. Also, I do have my reasons for looking for this particular course in taipei. I don’t think it’s necessary to go into it. But i guess if you’re that interested in my reasons for looking for this class…

Also, to the others, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I looked into online classes, but all of them are mixed courses meaning you do some online and some work in the classroom. I will keep searching though. :slight_smile:

I have asked others and they seem to give different responses: yes, I can find one, no I can’t.

I just thought someone out there might have an idea.

Thanks again!!

Does it have to be a credit course?

I’d offer to help, but unfortunately I don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about science books
Don’t know much about the French I took
Or maybe that was Chinese.

It doesn’t have to be taken for credit. It wouldn’t hurt though. Why? Have any ideas??

Try It’s all self study, but it might have something you’re looking for.

That (above) was my idea.

buy a biology textbook and read it. That’s what I ended up doing anyway, since I could never get up to go to class.

I will check out the site. Thank you! Def beats searching under distance learning classes and getting barraged with a trillion colleges offering such. and if I don;t find one,I will get my hands on a bio book… anyone have one to sell???

thanks again!!!

Learn biology like the rest of us did - in the back seat of a car.