Bird Brains at Bird Life International Conservation Group Ask Taiwan To Leave

Taiwan probably has more people per captia interested in birds than the majority of BLI’s other members.

Need to send a cursing parrot their way…

I am a bird rescue volunteer in Taipei. Really sad that they politicalize NGO like this.

I find it funny that everyone in the West would criticize China over this and that but in the end they still treat Taiwan like crap.

It’s like Taiwan is at the butt of everyone’s joke. We pay too much for outdated weapon and lots of Taiwanese thinks it’s all protection money.

That’s why I say Taiwan needs to stop sucking up to the West because the West doesn’t care even though Taiwan is literally the buffer state against communist China for the West.

And China is not a member, except from Hong Kong (China)! Of course, Chinese eat endangered birds.

I think the real reason is because Taiwan is not “somebody” and by the standards of so many Western countries is not even a country at all.

But honestly this should be really liberating. Who cares about UN inspecting nuclear facilities? Who cares if Taiwan wants to develop nuclear weapons? We’re not in the UN so the UN has no right to tell Taiwan what to do…

Is there a place in Taipei/New Taipei City where I can report birds flying into what looks like perspex and killing many each week?

Not India, Pakistan, North Korea, or Israel.

Who cares if Taiwan wants to develop nuclear weapons?

China might. And if America tells you not to, and you do it anyway, they might not be so willing to come to your aid.

Taiwan still has to import raw materials though.