Bird rescued-can anyone identify type?

I found this bird in the park near my house. He’s unable to fly but doesn’t appear to be injured. Stray Dog tells me he’s a seed eater and said may be a member of the dove family. Can anyone provide more info or a positive identification? Thanks in advance for your help!

It could be a female asian dwarf turtle dove.

Thanks for your reply, Teggs. Sadly, the bird has just died. :frowning: Ya can’t win 'em all I guess.

That’s called a “marbled dove” where I’m from. They are a ground dove, which means that they make their nests on the ground in thickets. They eat mainly seed and nuts and thus are susceptible to insecticides and herbicides farmers use. That one looks like a juvenile, though, so it might not have died from poison.

Poor little thing. :cry:

You could make a pie…

With one little bird?

Remind me to never go over to your place for dinner! :laughing:

My biologist coworker would love him/her for his studies. Put him in the freezer in a ziplock and he’ll do the autopsy.

Sorry, Icon. I disposed of his body just after he died. It’s too bad because it would have been nice to know the cause of death in case. If this happens again (though I hope it doesn’t) I’ll pm you.

Ah cool. Forensic autopsies! THEN a pie.