Bird Taipei - Tianmu

This weekend my wife and I had a pleasant surprise. A franchise of the Bird Taipei, supposedly there are ones in Taipei 101 and one of the other malls but I have never seen them, opened in our Tianmu neighborhood. Though we normally don’t go to chain restaurants, it is just so close to our house, we had to try, and we were not disappointed.

This is one of the best experiences I have had dining here in Taiwan so far. The service was excellent and attentive, but not over-bearing. The decor reminded us of something you would see in a nice restaurant in Northern California, think Carmel, Monterey, Marin County, or Napa Valley.

The food is the type of “fusion Asian” cuisine you find in more up-scale places in the US, and was excellent. There was a decent blend of Thai, Vietnamese, and Southern Chinese cooking.

The most memorable portion of the dinner was sitting out front on their porch smoking a Sisha (Hooka, water-pipe, bong (if you wish)) with blends featuring the flavors of apple, raspberry, cappuccino, and vanilla.

The address is Chungshan North Road, Section 6, Lane 186, No. 3, it is off Chungshan road in an alley directly opposite the OK convenience store north of De’Xing road. When we went Sunday, they were requesting people make reservations. They can be reached at 02 2831-9271.