Birdland-Artur Ceaser way back

Does anyone know the whereabouts of my old friend Artur who used to have a club called “Birdland”(Taipei) and many years ago boasted the largest vinyl collection in Taiwan!JMNwAYpT!6808MFkwY-SyL8qwpGP0Ciyjf_99wNbfy1WCZI4A5JM

Sandman would know but he’s no longer posting here (he’s on the other site).

I am trying to post an image of my old mate on here,cannot paste it ? I put the url in the image tag,however nothing shows?could you help?

It’s in the link above, good enough. I went to Birdland pretty often back when, I ran into him in the Edge I think some years back but not since. I remember he was spending a lot of time in China, he could well be there. From what’s been said above, posting at might help.

Yea,he bought a hotel in Hunan and I went and ran it for a while,after I left,we lost contact.
I will try on the other site

This one always makes me think of Artur