Birth Certificate Changes?

Hey there,
I’ve recently become a Dad for the first time. The mother (Taiwanese) and I (Canadian) were not married at the time of our daughter’s birth. We had wanted to be married for over 2 years, but she wouldn’t do so without her parent’s blessing. When she was born, the hospital listed her as having no father because we weren’t married. Thanks for making my child and your granddaughter a bastard, MIL! So, needless to say, I have no parental rights. Also, because I’m not listed as her father on her birth certificate, I can’t apply for Canadian citizenship for her. The hospital (a Nat. Uni. hospital) says that the document can never be altered, not even after we get married next week. This can’t be true! Will I never be able to be a father to my child in the eyes of the law? If anyone has any knowledge or information regarding this or a similar situation, please help me!


you can acknowledge your child on the household registry just report it to them, your wife will guide you if you cannot read chinese.