Birth certificate

Hi everyone,

I am a Canadian citizen born in Taiwan. I’m currently applying for a fiance visa to the US and I need my birth certificate. I think I have the birth certificate that only shows my mother’s name and the date I was born (issued by the hospital). However, that isn’t enough - they want the document that has both parents’ names, place and date of birth, my name, etc. I have heard that I may need to get that from the Household registration. I just hope that I don’t need to go back to Taiwan to get this. Can I just assign a proxy, say, one of my relatives, perhaps?

Also, another problem I have (and I’m not sure whether other people have this problem). On my birth certificate, it says I was born in 1969. However, I was really born in 1980. I think there’s something about adding 11 years. If anyone has had the same problem, please let me know how you have resolved it.

Any insight would be much appreciated!

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Does it perhaps read simply “69”? That would be correct … for Taiwan (and North Korea), and explaining that away shouldn’t be difficult. But if it really says “1969” then you might have more problems, depending on the bureaucrat who processes your file.

The state of Hawaii is quite liberal in providing bogus…err…‘useful’ certificates of live birth. Several well-known persons have used these “documents” to their advantage.

Perhaps you might get one from Hawaii that will provide the information you require.

Good Luck!