Birth Control - Diane 35

Does anyone know if Diane 35 birth control is available here? Also, how expensive is bc, generally.

Important information from Health Canada advising against using Diane 35 as birth control:

May 12, 2005

Health Canada advises consumers of new warning For DIANE-35
OTTAWA - Health Canada is advising consumers of important information about the use of the prescription drug DIANE-35. Berlex and Health Canada reached an agreement on a new version of the Product Monograph. DIANE-35 is used for the treatment of women suffering from pronounced forms of acne. The drug should not be promoted nor used as a method of birth control.
The new patient package insert includes the following information:

DIANE-35, as with all estrogen/progestogen combinations must not be used in women with thrombophlebitis, thromboembolic disorders (blood clots), or a history of these conditions.
DIANE-35 users appear to have an elevated risk of blood clots compared to users of combination oral contraceptives in some published studies.
DIANE-35 should not be prescribed for the purpose of birth control alone.
Oral contraceptives should not be taken during treatment with DIANE-35.
DIANE-35 should be discontinued 3 to 4 months after signs of acne have completely resolved.
Consumers should be aware that cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious adverse effects on the heart and blood vessels from DIANE-35 use. This risk increases with age and heavy smoking (15 or more cigarettes a day) and is more marked in women over 35-years of age. Women who use estrogen/progestogen combinations should not smoke.
Patients should inform their doctor if they have or have had blood clots in the legs, lungs, eyes or elsewhere, or a stroke, heart attack, or chest pain.

The identification, characterization, and management of marketed health product-related adverse reactions are dependent on the active participation of health care professionals in adverse reaction reporting programmes. Any occurrences of thromboembolic disorders (blood clots) or other serious and/or unexpected adverse reactions in patients receiving DIANE-35

Diane 35 is available. I haven’t used it myself, so I don’t know about the cost.

Diane 35 is used by women with high level of testosterone and/or polycystic ovaries (acne is only one symptom).

The information about blood clots is ugly but all the other BC pills might cause them too.

Hmmm, seems like this is a bit of a controversial pill. I’m actually inquiring about it because a friend of mine asked me to pick some up for her on my way to India. I’ll be sure to send her the advisory posted above.

I use Mercilon 21, and it’s not bad.

It ranges from 120-150 nt a monthly pack in different drug stores.

I think it’s supposed to be the lowest dosage that works, so it’s better for you.

Aren’t all of them controversial? I strongly vote against Yasmin, but never had any problems with Diana 35.

CBC’s Disclosure did a show on Diane 35 just over two years ago or so. I do not think you can watch the episode online any more but there is lots of information at: … /main.html

trinordiol, only $90NT ($4) /months supply!