Birthday gift suggestion

Is there anything which is a taboo I cant buy it as a birthday gift(for non chinese)?

You’re buying a gift for a foreigner (non-Chinese, non-Taiwanese), and wonder whether there are any gift taboos of the sort Chinese culture bans?

None that I can think of (nothing like clocks, shoes, umbrellas and so on), but you would want to avoid products made from endangered species (e.g., no ivory namechops or turtleshell combs), and some are against fur items (or even leather, although that’s a small minority). If they’re Muslim or Jewish, pork products would be out, and if they’re Mormon, caffeinated items (e.g., some nice roasted coffee beans) would probably be a no-no. But in general Westerners don’t have gift taboos, AFAIK.

There are things the average foreigner wouldn’t appreciate, though – Essence of Chicken, overpriced Japanese mushrooms, etc…