For those of you as curious as I was about Antonxie’s new avatar, here is the story of Bismillah.

Now I’m off to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody.

More surprised by the sheer size of the thing. I thought there was a limit?

There is a limit… but it seems his is just small enough to make that limit…

Excessive width can be a problem, pushing the text way over to the right. Anton’s seems to be OK in that regard.

It’s cutting it close though.

But the system does have a limit, I remember we discussed this between the mods when Segue first started. If you try to upload an avatar that is too big in size or that takes up too much memory the software won’t let you use it. At least it happend to me when I tried to use a larger graphic and the size wasn’t within the limits.

Hmm. Where I paste my avatar it says the limit is 80x80 pixels. Ax’s is 186x242…

I’m not singling Antonxie out, it just looked big so I looked at that one. Hexuan’s is 144x144. Something broken there?