Bit coin bubble burst or is time to buy?

So with the huge price drop was thinking to buy some on the cheap, but since last week till right now price keeps going down like the bubble burst? Time to jump in or not, what do you think?

What do you mean burst? There’s literally only two things in the universe that will only go up in price: Taiwan’s housing and cryptocurrency



Bitcoin has halved in value since November. It’s completely volatile. Coinbase is also tanking and peoples investment is at risk.
The bull has left the market?

Might be better off sticking your money into the US dollar.

Farmland. People gotta eat and they’re only make more people but the amount of farmland is fixed.


start producing sunflower oil

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You’re asking about timing the market, which is not possible.

It’s really up to you and what your risk tolerance is. It also depends what you’re trying to do. Are you adding to a diverse portfolio? Are you looking to get rich overnight? Are you happy gambling?

Personally, I think BTC will not go away in the long run. But many other smaller coins and projects will go away.

Unless you’re gonna farm it, I’d stay out of large tracts of land.

Really? My family turned tens of thousands into millions with farmland.

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Yeah, where? And did they work it or simply sell it off?

Midwest, rented it until my father passed and then sold. You think Gates is buying all that farmland because it’s a bad investment?

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I think it’s a buying opp in the long term, but it could be 2-3 years before we see levels we had before.

Yes, USA is high and wondering if at the peak? Also looking at Quid and also wondering if it hit bottom

Oil is also worth looking at. Aramco just became the worlds biggest company again. Although the price is quite high right now. During the pandemic it dropped to ten dollars a barrel and is now around ten times that price.
The times they are a changing.

Never underestimate just how much the world relies on the US dollar. It’s bonkers just how huge of a player it is.

Those were the good ole times… when oil futures went double-digit negative prices, because people were PAYING ships and train oil tankers to store the oil.


Oil is still prone to a drop. The war in Ukraine, and what is going on in the East is part of it. The whole industry also streamlined during the pandemic. Part of Aramcos current growth is that they binned off large wasteful parts of their workforce. Another part is that they are currently also heavily invested in India.

??? I grew up in the Midwest and i dont know a single farmer that had anything but negative profits ever. I know a lot of people from college getting into sustainable agriculture and they say the same thing. Even if you inherited the land from generations of farming that property, you can’t really make a profit off farming. The only “profit” comes from the government subsidies, tax breaks, and working a “real job” (barista, nursing, pencil pushing, etc)

In my area some farmers went bankrupt, but their land was all bought up by mega farmers that were making over a million a year. I’m sure much of that was subsidized, but they didn’t mind and had no other jobs. In fact they hired about 20 to 30 workers full-time.

In my post I was referring to the value of the land itself though. My mom got over 50x the original investment when she sold the land at an undervalued price. We decided to sell to an old friend instead of one of the mega farmers. She could have gotten a good deal more if she had wanted.


Back to the q, i think its a good time to be Dollar cost averaging. The time horizon for you to recoup your investment is the bigger q. Can you wait three years ?
If so the odds are very good that you’ll see a good profit. You want to be buying when its down. So every drop could even be a positive for you if buying thru the year.

Look up Bitcoin cycles to see how it works . Although personally I prefer Ethereum but its good to buy both.

Farming is a high-risk enterprise with almost zero margin for error and volatile returns, and there is a huge learning curve and a big delay on return-on-investment.

As with most things, 80% of the money is being made by 20% of the players. You can’t make money just by calling yourself “sustainable”. You have to have an identified market, a good game plan, and a product that people are prepared to pay for. Just growing a tonne of beans or corn or tomatoes - commodity items - and selling them to a middleman is unlikely to make anyone rich or happy. But it can be done. And in our brave new world, those with a good business plan are going to clean up. As for Bill Gates, i reckon he’s going to fall flat on his face with this particular overreach. It’s one of those industries where, if you don’t love what you do, you’ll fail. And he’s going to fail big, I think, unless his purpose is merely to take that land out of circulation and cause a famine.