ohhh my

Here’s the deal. I’ve recently taken in a stray dog. She was very well behaved and friendly while living outside my house while she was being treated for scabies.

I already have a dog, Sambuka, who is a girl…and she has been EXTREMELY tight with my gfs dog, which is male. The two of them are inseperable.

When Deloris(Stray) came inside the house, she and Sambuka lay on the same bed, enjoyed each others company etc. Then gfs dog came over and after a couple of days the two bitches started freaking out. Even when the male isnt her Deloris doesn’t allow Sambuka near either of the two dog beds. Deloris and the male plays constantly while he is here, licking faces and my Sambuka lies to the side sulking. When Deloris stands over the male Sambuka starts growling…

It’s gotten so bad now that not even I can cuddle my own dog…just now I tried to get Sambuka to try and lie on the doggybed with me and Deloris came over and started growling…Sambuka started growling and they went for each other. The other day I had issues pulling them off each other.

I’m not going to put the stray back on the street…but I don’t want to come home to have Deloris hoarding all the toys on her bed and Sambuka sulking in the kitchen…too scared to go near her.

I should propably let Deloris stay outside…but with this weather…the last time she got the worst cold.

HELPPPP!!! all 3 dogs are fixed/neutered/spayed by the way.

In the beginning Sambuka humped Deloris…but today (after being bitten a couple of times) she lay over on her back when Deloris came back from her punishment. ( I took her outside for growling when Sambuka wanted to play with her toy)