Bitcoin in Familymart? Is it True?

Seems to easy …

Has anyone had any experience doing this?

I’m reading the Idiots Guide now:

Are there any other stable exchanges with good reputations? Maicoin or BitoEx? I prefer something without 2 key identity as I don’t always carry my phone around. I don’t plan on holding large amounts of currency, so Paypal from a cybercafe is fine. I’ve been sending and receiving money from this cafe for months and never had any fraud problems.

Bitcoin is too volatile to invest, too annoying to send, but it’s good to receive. It’s getting easier and easier to transfer it straight to TWD. You don’t need a physical BTC coin, just receive BTC ===> Paypal ===> ATM/TWD.

Thanks if you can help…

Yeah, that works just fine. I believe by now they also do litecoin. Though it’s been like 6 month i checked last time.
Alas I only bought bitcoin at Family, no experience in getting cash back when selling.
Yes, this is awesome in many ways :slight_smile:

Thanks M.Ando. Been skimming the tutorials. I had to read the Idiot’s Guide five times. I want to integrate with Changetip and add functionality to my site. So I guess I could receive donations and put them in a BitoEx wallet.

I guess the Taiwanease cash would come straight out of the ATM once you moved it to Paypal.

I’m interested in the micro-crowdfunding potential of Chagetip too, it seems huge. One of those tiny apps that are easily underestimated.


NP. I just get the family clerk to handle this obnoxious touchscreen thinggy for me. Quite a lot of em knew exactly what i wanted and how to do it.
Haven’t used changetip, but seems like a really nice ui, much shiny and chrome. Doesn’t add much functionality aside from the social aspect, no?
What kinda site are you running?

edit: Just played with it. Quite convenient indeed!

That’s a good idea. I would go in with my GF, but I was expecting the first attempt to be a mess of misunderstandings and laowai hand waving. Handing them the phones sorts it all out. I’d probably go in on the night shift, as those guys are more chilled.

A nice UI/UX + convenience is vital when a lot of people are put off by geeky interfaces. Most of the BTC community don’t know how to write a decent user guide.

BTC adoption is all about making easy ramps, right now. How can my sister and family get onto Bitcoin?

We are going to set up a microfunding portal, probably using Changetip.