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What’s your take on miners who are now running a loss for months, maybe going on a year with Bitcoin under 8k? I read Russians are still at it like gangbusters. GPU cards and crypto world suddenly shot into the powerhouse TSMC earnings reports. This is major, sudden, I guess they’ll take revenue where they can get it, let little Martians send chip designs their way they’ll produce. Bitcoin still has at least that to it’s name. It’s physical, it’s tangible, it involves the electrical output of many small countries. I see Bitcoin going higher, do you own any Bitcoins?

The real reason why valuations are down.

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Exactly, don’t you think all this dApps and Tokens and stuff got all a bit too techincal and vague for the current tech world we live in? We’re moving ahead at light speed with auto, IoT, 5G, etc…I personally thought the crypo world had way too many fancy websites with fancy graphics and far too vague offerings

No I don’t own BTC but I should lol.


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Round March or April of this year I tried getting into crypto buy buying through Coinbase with my HSBC credit card. I tried a few times but HSBC seemed to block that initial 1$ transaction to get thing thing approved. That was as close as I came to actually putting money in.

How is bitcoin “physical”, “tangible”?
Last time I read something about it, it’s just a digit on some ledger in some outer space (“the cloud”). Did someone/some entity suddenly begin printing bitcoin currency bills?

Have you ever put foreign currency in large amounts (say, over U$10,000) and gotten the equivalent or more “out” (back into your normal bank account) in foreign currency after trading bitcoin?
From what I know, once you go into bitcoin, you never can get your foreign currency back (in large amounts).

Now, you could buy bitcoin-related mutual funds or listed funds based on investments in bitcoin, but that it not the same as owning bitcoin in the purest form (sort of like owning a gold metal mutual fund, but not the gold bullion in physical form).

It’s very tangible and physical. Hundreds of thousands of ASIC rigs, uses enormous amounts of electricity. That’s it’s worth now, what separates it from the pack in many regards I’d say.

Don’t think there are any bitcoin mutual funds that I’m aware of. Bitcoin ETF’s have been rejected. Mutual funds are an outmoded financial instrument anyway.

the “mining of bitcoin” of course is physical. That’s the only “physical” part to its equation.
Now, it’ll take at least 2-3 years for this “crash” from U$20k to filter out and settle down, and then maybe have a chance to trend higher.

Do you view the Internet as a physical, tangible thing?
If you knew it was going to be 2-3 years you’d be a very wealthy person. No one knows.
Gold peaked in 1979 as an example and has never hit that high again

sounds like you are taking both sides of the argument.
You started off implying that to invest in bitcoin is a good idea, now you say no one knows.

So, we can both agree. No one knows anything.

No no-one one knows anything. But some know even less

a double negative. Ouch. so early this morning, too. Need more coffee.

Good idea.
Sound is not good in the beginning, but this debate I found nicely summarizes where things are at the moment in crypto. No real conclusions but very insightful and funny. Skip to minute 8:00

Crypto is really in the shitter at the moment.

Just when I was preparing to launch ClownCoin…

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Anyway using BitoEX currently? Any other option in Taiwan? I am a newbie and I want to try paying in bitcoin. I was looking into BitoEX because I could buy from Family Mart, but it seems the limit is 20k ntd daily with that option, if I use bank transfer there is no limit per my understanding. Anyone has experience with them or any other similar here?

There are countless exchanges where you can purchase as much as you want with wire transfer or credit card.

They don’t need to be located in Taiwan. They just need to accept registration from your country. As long as you can use an identification that isn’t US, it’s no problem usually. Lots of exchanges shun US customers, but they still have lots of choices.

I have 1BTC and some LTC in case you want to buy it.
We can do all the process face-to-face, safe for both of us, we meet, I show the BTC, you show the money, I transfer to you, we wait till it has enough confirmations, you pay me and that is it.

Feel free to contact me, we can talk via LINE too.