Bitcoin in Taiwan

Thank you for the information. It is my first time foi this só I am very skeptical. I saw some website where you can buy online but I am wary of giving my credit card number to them. It is going to be a fairly large amount.

I signed up with Blockchain but I can’t see, from the app, how to find the account.

Sent you a PM

Got it!!! Replied!!!

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The spread on local crypto brokerages is pretty bad. 6% at BitoEX when I checked now. I think it’s better to convert TWD to USD at your local bank, then international wire using swift to somewhere like Bitstamp, then buy crypto there. The fees at Bitstamp is ~0.5%, with only ~0.02% spread, and it’s one of the more trusted exchanges (been around since 2011).

Sometimes the spread gets bad at popular times , definitely a good idea to check that.

I found the best is to buy usdt with twd there and use binance after.

But you need local ID

Yeah Bitstamp is the best exchange I used, it is very good. But I only used it to send money to my bank in Europe.

Ah yes this option is still possible, send your coins to Binance, transfer for free to Advcash and use their Visa card to withdraw the cash directly.