Bitcoin, something worth investing in?

What are taxes on long-term capital gains for crypto in Taiwan?

How do I short BTC?

There’s no taxes on retail holders I believe. There are taxes on exchanges.

Help getting rid of the shit coins?

Cryptocurrencies need to be shut down to keep prestodollars from vanishing into thin air.

Such bullshit the way she shit on all crypto like that.
However so far all admins have talked about being tough on crypto and it grows just as fast. Coin base IPO is coming and there are plenty of legit crypto companies there that can lobby the politicians.

Big buying opportunity yesterday after BitMEX deliberately tried to crash the market with a fake news story about a software bug allowing a double-spend (which didn’t really happen, of course). Very reminiscent of 2017 when they kept throwing out “[random country] is banning Bitcoin!” stories.

So capital gains on cryptocurrencies are treated as 0% tax rate in Taiwan?

I don’t know best you check yourself.

Do you think that the CB ipo will legitimatize cryptos in the eyes of the old farts? I wonder if there can be consolidation among cryptos. My newsletter guy says go with gold, and I bought GDX again after making some money with it last summer, says there’s a 30% upside. I suppose if enough people believe in the value of BC it will hold its value…not unlike TSLA.

We shall see.

Coin base is a great name in crypto and operates funds for institutional investors. Cryptocurrency will get there in fits and starts. The only big risk I see now is Tether. Hopefully they get a big fine, have to admit they are only backed by 30 per cent funds or whatever , and the market moves on. If the US govt does try to shut them down it could get bloody.

I recently cashed out half my crypto but I’m holding the Ethereum in particular.
Metcalfe’s Law…

which means wut

Big fine. They have been investigated before for losing 850 million USD to some kind of criminal money laundering operation .

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Thought it was crypto lingo. ha

which is why i stay out of the fray!

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