Bitcoin, something worth investing in?

I bought 2.2 BTC back in 2012/2013 when they were around €60 apiece, and still had 1 BTC or so on the exchange (Bitcoin-24, the biggest in Europe at the time) when it was closed down by German and Polish authorities due to suspected money laundering. The owner of the exchange apparently tried to resolve things for a short time before going silent for the last few years despite his initial promises, seemingly f$$$ing off to Thailand and Cyprus and elsewhere with at least some of the profits and working on some other crypto projects - I seem to recall reading that there were about 18,000 BTC on the exchange at the time it went down, and I’ve spoken with a couple of people who lost a couple of hundred BTC. Still kicking myself from time to time…

Just out of curiosity, since you seem to be quite interested in crypto, are you familiar with the Bitcoin-24 story? I’m still a bit surprised that there wasn’t more publicity surrounding this exchange/guy.

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Many exchanges back then went bust. Either hacked or owners took off. Only move coins to reputable exchange if you plan to sell soon.


Have you guys used Maicoin or their exchange Max?

No, only Bitoex. Bitoex works just fine with verified local accounts .

In the old days yep. I think Binance and Coinbase are very solid though. It’s easier for many people to hold on exchange of online wallet than try to store themselves.

Which one was that , the guy who went to India and died (supposedly ) and his laptop couldn’t be decrypted ?

Nah, he’s still alive - last I know he was in Thailand, he’s been involved in a couple of crypto projects there including CoinFalcon and a more recent one. This was Bitcoin-24. I believe some of the legal stuff with the Polish banks is still ongoing, even 7-8 years later.

Is it really “many”, as opposed to “some”? My point is that this was the biggest one in Europe at the time and the problems it had didn’t really receive any media attention, as opposed to MtGox (which was apparently the only exchange bigger than Bitcoin-24 in terms of euro transactions), which received quite a lot.

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To verify your account at Bitoex, you send your ARC? or do they require a bill too to certify your address?

Probably ARC

I guess, but isn’t your account verified?

I have a verified account live in Taiwan and provided ARC. Beyond that…Can’t remember.

OK thanks. One time I sent an email to ask if I can register as a foreigner, they never replied :smiley:

You can call them they also have English service.

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Don’t Maicoin allow you to apply as a foreigner?
I joined that before all the rules changed though.
Never used it after that apart from moving what I had there to my wallet.