Bitcoin, something worth investing in?

Pretty cool IMO.
If they can hack Tesla’s private keys, that would be awesome.

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I think there’s definitely a portion of BC investors that’s going to get radicalized. Resembles too much of a blind faith/fandom. Not just for BC either, that’s why I think the crypto market has some dotcom bubble similarities…a lot of excitement and greed, people assuming any piece of the pie will be automatically lucrative, going in too deep before big players are weeded out.

Like, if you’re throwing so much into crypto, and crypto moves 15% on tweets, that means you’re investing too much into something that isn’t stable enough.

Similar to investing too much money in pennystocks, obviously not the same level of uncertainty, but there’s still a lot of it, and ways to go before more stability.

If I were in BC already, I’d just hold onto it for years. Might dump before that, eventually it will become stabilized though and come back. HODL is a major theme so hopefully people just do that and come out on the other side good, but I tend to think the impulsivity that got some into the market might cause them to exit prematurely as well.

Didar Bekbauov is the founder of Kazakhstan-based Xive, a company that helps miners find space and convenient energy contracts in China. Bekbaouv says that, in the past fortnight, he has been receiving daily enquiries from representatives of Chinese miners looking to relocate to Kazakhstan. “These people are waiting for some clarification from the Chinese government, and they are looking for a plan B in case the government restricts or somehow bans mining altogether,” Bekbaouv says. Kazakhstan already accounts for over 6 percent of the world’s mining, and is endowed with cheap coal-produced energy and a relatively cold climate (which is great for miners who do not want to spend a fortune on cooling systems for their mining rigs). Another advantage is that it borders China, and especially the Xinjiang region, where over a third of China’s mining takes place. Kazakhstan might certainly increase its global share of mining—Bekbaouv estimates that it could maybe double its capacity—but it is possible that it will simply be used as a stopover destination for miners looking to rehome their precious rigs elsewhere. And that elsewhere, some say, is likely to be North America.

Canada is cold and has abundant green power.

But does it have the greed?

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Was talking to my IT neighbor tonight. He brought up crypto and blockchain “ taking over the internet.” Nice guy, I like him.

Any poop on blockchain companies?

What’s the point of investing in a blockchain company JD?
Think of it more like investing directly in a commodity and ride the wave directly .

I see some changes afoot for bitcoin. Possibly there will be a separate market for a greener produced bitcoin. Change is being forced upon them. I hope they get their shit together so regular service continues I.e. my crypto balance goes up not down.

I think IB will make direct crypto trading possible soon, then I will look into it.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up another account somewhere.


In the meantime, I have some crypto players, such as RIOT, they also rise and fall nicely

Excellent, IBKR will bring in fresh investors like you. I use them and they are a great platform.

Interactive Brokers — seen as the e-broker with some of the most sophisticated clientele


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I stopped using them since they don’t offer the lite version here. TDAM works well for me. IBKR is good for heavy traders I guess.

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Works for me, I use their Aussie/HK platform.

Yeah, I don’t know. I am still learning. What’s the point in investing in some widely fluctuating crypto assets that may or may not have real value? lol

I would think the blockchain tech has applications beyond crypto, yeah? Like not being able to change recorded data. Doesn’t that make it more secure? :idunno:

Buy SHIB and let’s go to the moon :full_moon_with_face:

Yes. There probably are some companies that will spring off the top of the blockchain protociols. However most of the gains are being captured in the decentralised protocols and the exchanges right now. You can invest in their tokens to be a shareholder of sorts.