Bites in the Night


something… or should i say somethings are biting me in the night and I’ve ruled out mosquitos…

I’m left with red spots which are itchy… is it fleas? mites? Anyone have any experience?

Regardless of this the hotel will fumigate and disinfect my room, but i wonder if i need to put something special in the washing machine for my clothes etc…

Maybe be more careful about making new friends at Starbuck’s, too…

What about “prickly heat” and allergies? … 551276.jpg

Bed Lice

I got it to. The strange thing is that my girlfriend don’t get it. Maybe white men taste bether or the locals are imune to the bites

My guess it fleas. I had this problem too a couple of years back, until I found the bugger one day and killed it. No bites thereafter.

Bed bugs.

Tough luck mate.

I guess that you will get some strong insecticide and start spraying the bedroom.

How big are the spots, and how many are there? Are they raised or flat? Is your mattress new or 2nd hand? How about the sheets?

I’m alergic so I gues mine is larger than normal 2cm.
Raised like other insects.
New and new.

Me too! I had my room fumigated, too. My laundry is all done with a capful of Savlon. I think also my skin is becoming more sensitive and allergic. Just THINKING about a rash causes one. St00pid heat. I hate this weather.

The spots looked like mosquito bites, but smaller and red… not raised. They were pretty random, and apparently bed bugs bite in a straight line. They lasted for several days. Anyway the situation shitted me off so much that I’ve managed to negotiate a new apartment. :sunglasses:

I’m having this problem too and it’s driving me nuts.
Just started a few nights ago.
Only at night time.
Mites, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, whatever they are, I’m not sure.
So tiny I can’t see them, but I can feel them on the skin.
And I can definitely feel the bumps from the bites afterwards.
How do I get rid of these vermin?

From wiki

Those are all plants?
Is it just safe to just spray cockroach insecticide all over my bed?

I meant eucalyptus oils…or even leaves. I am sure you’ll get some in Organic or health stores.

EDIT. you’re welcome.

Thanks. But surely smearing plant extract all over my body doesn’t actually get the bugs out of my house.
I want to kill them all, not lube myself up.
Enticing as that sounds.

usually, putting a few drops of essential on the mattress or spraying a diluted version helps you get rid of the bugs, without side effects to you.

Nothing ever bites me. I suggest drinking loads of whisky and smoking a shitload of cigarettes. My wife gets bitten all the time by critters. I just tell her it’s because she’s more delicious than me.

you radiate intoxication jimi!

Fascinating. Thanks for the advice.