Bites in the Night

Fascinating. Thanks for the advice.[/quote]

If you dilute it with ethanol (available from the chemist) before spraying that should increase its effectiveness. The ethanol evaporates quite quickly. No naked flames.

Don’t use denatured ethanol (contains methanol) cos the vapour is poisonous (to you)

I have sandalwood and Shiva’s flower oils, do you think they’ll do?

I wake up with triangular bites: three bites that form a triangle. As I said before, the cats and the dog have Frontline, what do we humans have?

Never heard of sandalwood being insect rrpellent, try sprinkiling some cinnamon around your bed…I know cinnamon keeps pests off plants but dunno about bed bugs…no harm in trying though.

For anyone who knows for sure that they have a bedbug problem, I strongly recommend calling in the experts rather than dawdle around trying home-remedies and allowing the problem to get worse - bedbugs are impervious to many of the insecticides that work on other common pests and you’ll typically need to do more than just use insecticide (E.g. Hoovering, washing clothes in hot water, even bed bagging).

something… or should I say somethings are biting me in the night and I’ve ruled out mosquitos…

I’m left with red spots which are itchy… is it fleas? mites? Anyone have any experience?

Regardless of this the hotel will fumigate and disinfect my room, but I wonder if I need to put something special in the washing machine for my clothes etc…[/quote]

Could be lice or bed bugs. It’s been bugging me for a while , too. I’d be interested to hear what you find. I’ve been bitten by mosquitos that left the mark for a few weeks. The bitten spots stay red and won’t go away. I’ve been told that some kinds are more “poisonous” than others.