Biting dog!


Sambuka has started to bite! She has been yapping after our feet in the last couple of weeks…also snapping at me when I tie her up at night…She’s fine, but then I feel sorry and go back for a final pet on the head and she snaps at my hand.

Today I took her to her favorite pet shop. The woman there has shaved her, washed her, done crazy things to her…but tonight she only smelled her head to find out which shampoo I want to buy, and Sambuka jumped up and bit her hand. Made two puncture wounds…I feel SO BAD.

She has also started pulling on the leash and barking at strange dogs, something she never did.

I’m having her fixed tomorrow…she has started to hump everything in sight, and I am HOPING that this may be why she’s so strange. I also bought a muzzle, which she hates, but I will have to put it on her if she is going to be unpredictable.

She has never shown any aggression though…I feel really alienated from her right now:(

Go on our Web site and click the link on th eleft for Dog Behaviour. It’s all in there.

Sorry it’s brief - must sleep!

Night night.