It’s been mentioned elsewhere on the site and there is also another thread for it (which I don’t like), but I’m starting another. Why? Because someone asked me to. This should be everything you need to know.

Here’s the official site for explanations about how it works.

Here’s the client I use (and think is the best)

This software is great for serving big files because instead of one computer serving many, on serves to a few and those few serve to each other and everybody shares with everybody. So basically the more people downloading (and uploading) the faster your speeds are, as opposed to more people downloading equaling slower speeds.

Here’s a place you can test it to get your feet wet.

There are many of these torrent sites, just do web searches or whatever to find them.

And for any naysayers to high download speeds from bittorent, I often get 180KB/sec+.


Personally I use Shareaza for my torrents. It’s an all-in-one P2P client, connecting to Gnutella, Gnutella2, and eDonkey networks, and handles torrents and can even work as a download manager for browsers (in a somewhat awkward manner, though). My speeds are generally anything between 1K through 70K, just depending on the number of seeds really.

And before anyone goes nuts about encouraging piracy, Bittorrent is a file transfer system that’s getting more and more use as a distribution method for game demos, patches, updates, and other files, since it’s not as bandwidth intensive as central storage.

ya many Linux distro’s are now distributed via bittorrent. is a good site, but the rate is quite slow inAsia compared to N. America :frowning:

I’ve used many different trackers and always get decent speeds.

Mac people might be interested in the Azureus client.

Available from

Thanks for the Shareza link. I am using that now. I also inadvertently downloaded the Mercora network for quick sampler before downloading songs from new artists that I don’t know very well.

Ditto thanks for the shareaza link. It’s great for p2p newbies like me especially after using winMX which I didn

IIRC Mercora is P2P streaming radio. No download, just streaming audio.